Date men from Canada / Ontario / Woodlawn, 32 year old

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. About Me, Well I will start by saying I hate to writing about myself.
I Love my job, I get called a workaholic, but that is second to my number one love which is my daughter. She lives with me except every second weekend when she visits mom.
So with that being said I am not looking for a mother for her, but to be with me you have to except her and hopefully be a friend and a role model for her, maybe a little help with braids still after 8 years, I still suck at them according to her, maybe in the future help with her make up because I really do not understand that at all.
So between her and my job I have really no hobbies due to lack of time, at one point in my life before my daughter, I was in to sports love hockey and baseball, golf, and really any outdoor activity just have no time right now. Someday would like to get back to it.
I am fairly logical and have a clear set of goals that I want to accomplish. I want someone that will blend with me, someone that has the same values and beliefs, someone that understands what and who I really am.
What I am looking for, well I have always thought I knew but I would have to say I have no idea otherwise I wouldn't be single at 31 raising a daughter on my own and on this site figuring out what and who I want to be with. I know that she has be caring and except me for who I am. I love converstaion so someone that is intellegent and is great to talk to, and has a wicked sense of humour and it certainly does not have to be normal sense of humour sarcastic, twisted I like it all, I love to laugh at the end of the day.
I want someone that is structured but not so stubborn she can't change her mind, fly by the seat of the pants at times and let life come to you, get in car with no plans and drive and see where we end up. Not every day but ocassionally just get away and forget life as you know it. Soemone that sees value in the little things.
I want soemone that when she looks at me I can see the love in her eyes, I want someone that wants to be with me and someone that wants to create those moments with me that last a life time.
I want somebody the sees the beauty that surronds her, the glas is half full.
But I also would have to say I am easy to please.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. what are you looking for in a relationship.what type of person are you hoping to attract.Who or what makes you mile.How would you describe your social life.What are the things in life you are most passionate about?