Date men and women from Canada / Yukon

Date a guy from Yukon, Canada. im jordan and idk what to say XD umm i hang with frends im a cronic i love vid games and im on my way to becoming a D.J. i dontjudge im pre chill and thats about it :P ask me wene you see me i guess :)

Meet someone special from Yukon, Canada. I like to have fun and chill and I want a girl who likes the same. Someone who is honest and always has my back. I like to play Xbox sometimes. I like a women who likes to show off her body ex. wearing Yoga pants etc. I want my girl to be happy and I want a girl that lives to the fullest. I sleep commando.

Date single boy from Yukon, Canada. I used to be a lifeguard before I moved to the Yukon. I really enjoy doing activities with people because I am a very social person. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would love to return to Spain. I love travelling, even if its to another Province or Territory.

Meet men and women from Yukon, Canada. My names luke, i like to play sports hunt fish hang out with family and friends when ever i can. im looking for someone who has the same intrests and close to their family and friends like I am. Im a little shy when I first meet new people but after the ice is broke I am pretty fun to hang out with.

Date someone special from Yukon, Canada. "Never assume the worst and Let the Best possible thing happen,"-Myself
Quick- Whats's your definition of Love? Here's mine
Someone who stands by your side no matter what the situation. Someone who is there to comfort you when things aren't going well. Someone who makes you laugh, angry, sad, happy etc. down the line. Someone who you can tell your deepest secrets to. Someone who gives you a hug on a dark day. Someone who gives you a kiss when you need encouragement. Someone who lights the lamp for you when you've lost your way. Someone who holds your hand, and warms your insides. Someone who has a special place in there heart for you.
Now that you've read 3 of my best quotes all of which I made up myself (not to brag at all.) I'm curious as to what are your best quotes. What draws your inspiration in life.
These three quotes came from my heart when I was listening to my friends go over the struggles and difficulties of there own relationships. The funny thing about that is that I have never EVER had a girlfriend in my life.
WHATTT???? You ask "why? you? How?" These are all questions going through your head yes? Well let me explain.
As I was growing up I came from a small town of 850 people. So I had 10 kids in my entire Class. Then as I got older I developed an interest into other things.......SPORTS! Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, pretty much any sport. I was into. Then I discovered my true passion as soon as my family moved to the Capital of the Yukon Whitehorse, Writing......
I love Writing. Most of my writing is terrible but according to some of my closer friends I am actually quite talented....
Well that's about it for me. Am I forgetting anything?(Oh, just a heads up....I'm very forgetful.) Wellllllll........ Im 5'8" tall, I was Born in Coimbatore, India and was adopted to Canada when I was 2 years-old. I graduated from FH Collins Secondary School in 2010 (with the best grad class ever!) I work pretty much full time which is a pain sometimes. (But isn't all work?) I am hoping to head down to the Lower mainland to spend time with more of my family, and also to head off to University or trades school. Well that's pretty much it for me at the present time this is JB signing off.....PCE!

Meet a soulmate from Yukon, Canada. I like lots of sports I travel for golf I love wakeboarding and waterskiing I like fishing too and hockey I like any girl that likes sports and me hahai
I hope we can talk and do other things so talk

Date people from Yukon, Canada. Not obsessed with looks or the next best thing caring for others still and knowing how to tell someone how they feel.. At the same time maintaining respect for themselves and the world around.. I like music like everyone else, just a different kind. like yours :) Next time we meet. . . You'll have a smile on your face

Meet someone special from Canada. I would describe myself a young, sexy man who likes to exercise. I drink every few weeks, sometimes smoke but I am trying to quit. I am looking for a woman who can make me smile, make me food and is good at making sandwiches ;)

Date a guy from Canada. I think most people would describe me as a modest, slightly shy, nice person. I would like to see myself with a down to earth and fun girl. I like the outdoors, i like to spend time camping, hiking and fishing...etc. Right now I'm training as a full time athlete. I like pretty much all sports, photography, music (I play the drums)...

Meet people from Canada. I'm loving love.....
Loving children, babies most
Always open my mind, my heart, my soul, my spirit
love trying something new
I hate to hate others
Good joke, good laugh
Looking for that one true love

Date people from Canada. i am 23 years old about five foot 6 i have green eyes. I am half native and half white im from the tahltan band i moved from Iskut B.C to whitehorse YT. Im hoping to attract a nice sexy slim curvy half breed or white girl to chill and get too know..............................................

Meet a guy from Canada. i have brown hair blue eyes iam 6 2 and really good looking i wear nothing but dirtbiking cloths and ride one to iam out here looking for some one to chat to thats in to the same thing as me and hope i can find some one for that good time

Date a soulmate from Canada. I grew up in Montana and I think that has a lot to do with who I am today. I learned to appreciate the outdoors and the beauty that nature offers. I learned to do things for myself and that hard work often pays off, and is all the more satisfying for having done it yourself. The solitude of the mountains gave me the gift of reflection and helped me to appreciate the few quite moments we are afforded in life. The ability to move and the joy that a healthy, fit, lifestyle brings, keeps me both grounded and energized. Rock climbing and running have always been my two favorite sports. Being active is a large part of my life and I love to play- in all variety of different ways ;)
I appreciate art and design and a well crafted film. Music is huge. I am not fake and I dislike things that try to be things which they are not. The same goes for people. I am a happy person, content but ever moving forward, looking for a girl who is self sufficient and similarly minded; someone to share the trail with, a coffee, dinner, times with friends, and the times alone. And as always, someone to just go out and have fun with!

Meet single boy from Canada. I like to do outdoor motorsports ei: atving and snowmobiling. I am starting to ride my mountain bike again so i bike ride on a nice trail isnt out of the question. definitly like to go for walks.
I drink about 4 or 5 times a year. mostly with friends and at the company pig roast or Christmas party. Do not smoke, tried it hated it.
Ill do anything once.;

. My friends will joke to u n say I'm an A-hole lol but then will probably be like he's an awesome guy, the things that make me smile are being in a happy moment, seeing something funny, making music, some accomplishments I'm proud of is graduating high school, learning my traditional ways like hunting, fishing, trapping, and survival on the land, I'm grateful for my family and being alive in this day and age, I am hoping to attract a fun and beautiful athletic woman who i can have fun daily with and be happy with, my social life is rather limited for the time being as i am currently trying to remain on the wagon to get my life in order and doing so has limited the amount of friends i used to have, some things that make me laugh so hard are practical jokes and clumsiness, In a relationship i am looking for truth and honesty and devotion to one another but being able to checkout say a hottie on t.v. or on the street, and to be able to live life and have fun always together and when we put our heads together we could accomplish anything obstacles etc. and when things get tough for a while to never give up on each other but to fight for what is worth saving in each other, I am most passionate about music, and problem solving any of life's current mishaps, and family and helping others when helpless because i feel so good doing so.