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31-years-old female
from United States / Oceanside
seeking 29–50 years-old male
Where you my prince!!!!
About me
I must admit, ideas are low, but I'll dig a bit deeper and see how I go. 'Tis tricky to sum up my dazzling ways... the pleth'ra of interests pursued in my days. Part-time: work with kiddoes, Part-time: pho-to-graph. P art-time: silly goose, and part-time, work my half (i don't know what that means; I was hard-pressed to rhyme with "graph"...) Some things about me which have NEVER been said: boring; lackluster; resembling dead. But really, in gen'ral I'm usually quite fun, but know that conflicts do and will always come. To that end, I can say I strive to resolve, the times of due stress with a soft-hearted glove (no that doesn't mean I "softly assault" people, the well is dry in the rhyming department right now...so perhaps you need to think outside the box to get my drift.) My spirit is kind but it also is strong, I'm seeking a bond for a term which is long..You've probably been to therapy or done some serious "inner work" as a means to becoming very self-aware. You can and do use ope
marital status:
Dark blonde
Slim / Slender
body type:
168 cm (5'5)
48 kg (106 lbs)
Some college
About ideal match
Taking TaeKwonDo now and having a ton of fun (especially kicking/punching heavy bags- I've even kicked and punched through a nice little stack of boards!) I have myriad other interests but TKD is a major focus right now...I just got my black belt!
No, don't smoke