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24-years-old female
from United States / Sterling city
"It doesn't take much to turn me on"
About me
I don't want the world to know much about me. I'm reserved to those who want to understand. I can sit down and say that this is a fresh start for me. I'm an irony. I can see so much and yet you see so little. I value people and each one is very special to me. I'm quiet. I'm loud long after I'm exposed to you. I see beauty in everyone but not everyone sees with the heart. I make mistakes because I'm only human and we all have our flaws. Some do deserve forgiveness and some need to learn how to apologize. Memories always linger in my mind but do I take action for what has happened now? I just let them be. I'm not a game you can play therefore I own the deck and the dices are long gone. Curious?. I smile, I laugh, I cry. Does that give you a picture of who I am? Bubbly personality indeed. But serious none-the-less. I qualify to be your friend. But do you qualify to be mine?There is in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperi
marital status:
Light blonde
body type:
173 cm (5'7)
55 kg (121 lbs)
Light smoker
has children:
About ideal match
I'd like to meet somebody that loves me for who I am, not just the way I look. Someone I can spend every minute with and not get sick of them. Somebody who has a great personality and who enjoys the things that I enjoy. A person who understands and respects me and would do anything for me. Someone I can talk to about anything and who trusts me enough to do the same. Someone who can handle me at my worst. Someone who makes me feel like the center of their world. Someone who can tell me they love me and not only mean it, but show it as well. Someone who will do what it takes if its meant to be. I want the kind of romance you only find in fairy tales and movies.
from 18 to 99