Date men from Canada / British Columbia / Nanaimo, 65 year old

Date single man from British Columbia, Canada. Good evening, I chose my handle conniecactus because i liked the name ; i have a cactus, but if i could change it,
i would use [ newislander ] but i can't get through to ,
Well here goes !! i am 6ft tall , fair hair with a hint of silver, blue eyes [both] trim /slim, ; fit , about 168 lbs [wet] late 60s ,
i can dance but not sing very well, i do a lot of walking ; hike about twice a week,
Iv been known to be funny [very]
laugh with //// not at,,,,
Im doing all I can to figure out a way to cut ; paste my pictures but Im working at that, lets hope In a day or two, it will be done,
I can here some out there giggling all ready , So its not only singing im hopeless at, [ LOL ] all you want I dont mind ,
I CAN be a creative cook/chef ; willing to learn more,
I`m very happy about my health , joy of exploring around B/C , I`m hoping to find a 'friend' to explore with , share the ins ; out of camera know how, stuff like that, We don`t have to be mirrored alike , but enjoy ; share the moments ,,,,, WOW guy saying share ,,,, [[[ YEP ]]]
Accomplishments !! Well i only had one work trade , my hole working life , it was a kind of passion that still excites me still,
Although retired I find i`m as busy as ever [tis fun to]

Thanks for listening , Opps I mean reading , OO [ie] over out,

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. Very indipendent person and honest.easy to get along.Looking younger than age. god fear thanks to the god who send me to this earth to enjoy this to travel with right companion.hopoing to find simmilar thinkink pertner(start with good friend ship)