Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Kelowna, 62 year old

Date a woman from Canada. My friends would describe me as loyal and trustworthy. Small things make me the giggle of a baby or the sillyness of puppies. My greatest accomplishments would be how I've lived my life and raised my children. Greateful for all I have. Would hope to attract an open, honest caring man who is not into playing games and who's baggage is left in the past ( over and done with .) My social life at the moment is on hold but I would love to change that...Things that make me laugh out loud are the antics of puppies and grandbabies as well as T.V. comedy(laugh aloud...all by myself...)
In a relationship I would like to meet someone who is ready to meet, greet and grow to-gether. I find at this stage most people feel they can jump right in with-out exploring if there is something to truly build on. I need that stability. Honesty and a caring loyal heart are very important to me. A willingness to share in the good times as well as work thru the tough moments.
I am most passionate about my beliefs. We do not have to agree but we should be able to agree to disagree while showing respect for another's beliefs. Open discussions are always cool...

Meet someone special from Canada. I am an intelligent person with a good sense of humor. I love to travel, golf and laugh. I spend time with friends and family. I would love to take an RV to the states for a couple months a year. I even have the RV. I am happy painting, reading and quiet conversations over coffee or drinking wine and laughing. A little of everything would be perfect.

Date a soulmate from Canada. just looking around really..I'm just an average girl with average looks average wants average expectations and average needs and looking for the same in some one else...nothing out of the ordinary....nothing spectacular...npothing strange..nothing so wonderful that you 'll have all the girls chasing you around or that you'll think you are so"all that" in other words I don't need someone with a huge ego or anything else huge..

Meet a woman from Kelowna, Canada. to live life to the fullest to laugh every day to see smiles on face .Yo give a helping hand to dance to sing to laugh to cry to walk to think to read to dine to rest and grow to journey to explore and to grow and to journey and live my dreams loving my family and friend that touch my live. NAMASTE

Date someone special from Kelowna, Canada. I am a person who enjoys new experiences in life, who has an open mind, and value my spirituality. I live life one day at a time and am looking for someone who is whole and aware of themselves and their emotions. I greatly value communication and your capability to express yourself. Honesty is very important to me, I recognize at this age all of us have a story to tell but let's be honest about who we are and what we want out of a relationship.
If I meet someone, I want to start off as friends first and have the opportunity to get to know each other with no major pressure. If we feel after we've spent some time together that we have a further connection, then that's great, but I have found in my lifetime that if you can't be friends with someone then the relationship will eventually dissolve. I think that a strong friendship at this age is even more important than it was when we were younger.
I am an independent woman who isn't looking for someone to come and fix me or take care of me. I am not looking to fix or take care of you either. I am happy and relaxed in my own skin and am aware that a good connection can bring a lot of joy to life. The best way I can explain it is that my life is the meal and the relationship is the dessert. I can live with out dessert, but it sure is a nice addition.

Meet a soulmate from Kelowna, Canada. all my friends describe me very humble,kind,generous,loving.when my friends makes a joke made me smile.and proud of my self to help my family and others very grateful that i came here in canada ,nice place to live.type of person im looking for tall ,neat.not bald.i like visits friend,play,majong,having coffee.when my friends makes a jokes i like loud looking for partner or maybe more if we had in love me ,respect and caring.


Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I leave with a sick man, I can't leave him because
he doesn't have the money to live by himself and
if I would leave him and something happens to him, I would be very guilty. I promise him that I would take care of him until the end.
But I would love a friend that I could hang out with, and just have some fun in my life

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I like spending time with people, a good conversation, a good laugh or comparing beliefs and philosophies.
Water and activities that involve the outdoors are things I enjoy.
I am a principled individual and pride myself as being totoally honest with myself and the people in my life.
If you enjoy conversation, a good laugh and have a positive approach to lifes challenges I would love to hear from you.

. I am a down to earth, caring, selfless and would like to share my life with someone that is caring and adventurous. Family values are important and he has to be health conscious. Also must be wanting to explore the pleasures of life.