Date women from Canada / British Columbia, 62 year old

Date a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I am looking for someone who knows what he wants out of life. Someone with a positive attitude,
someone that has earned the love and respect of the families and friends. I am not looking for someone to look after me nor do I want to look after anyone. I am looking for a kind, respectful
person who is willing to share his friendship with honest values of life.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. I'm here at Langley attending the 9-week workshop in linguistics. I'm fulltime Bible translator in the Philippines- a missionary working among the minor languages in my home country. Above all, I have a very high respect and admiration for men who love God reverently and being a faithful servant in whatever ministry they are called to serve. Whose heart is willing to serve and love people who are underprivileged and uneducated.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I accidentally ran over the last guy in my life so I'm searching for his replacement. Having recently graduated from Safe Driver Training (court ordered),I don't think it will happen again; HOWEVER, as a safety precaution, my ideal mate will have exceptional hearing and lightening fast reflexes. (extended health coverage would also be an asset)
On a more serious note, I subscribe to the philosophy "friends first....". While physical attraction is essential, I believe that a relationship should be built on a foundation of friendship, trust and mutual respect. A combination that I find completely irresistible in a man is intelligence, confidence and a great sense of humour.
I'm a pretty basic person who enjoys life's simple pleasures - dusk and dawn, a perfect autumn day, the smell of freshly sliced cucumbers, anything cooked over a campfire....and of course chocolate! I also like working out, (weights, pilates, cardio yoga), reading (mostly non-fiction), movies, theatre/concerts, great conversation and travelling (although I can't go any great distances at the moment...unless of course you can help me figure out how to remove this !@#$% ankle monitor). Dislikes include animal abuse, disingenuous people and toast crumbs in the butter.
Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and good luck with your search.
PLEASE NOTE: Photos are not current. The "bending over" photo is the most recent and was taken in 2010. My profile will be updated soon.

Meet a woman from Canada. I love the beauty of nature, an early morning walk or run along the sea wall. I have a healthy life style and like to keep fit.
My career as a private counselor gives me much satisfaction and flexibility. I am positive and love to have fun, but also enjoy the serious sides of life, knowing how to deal with the curve balls of life that get tosed to all of us. I have a grounded spiritual focus in my personal life and i my work. I'm not into crystals and stones or any of the "way out" idea, but rather have a focus that is based on being connected, truthful and present.
For me the essence of life lies in the depth - the sense of openness and connection to nature, reading a poem, listening to a particular piece of music, dancing and immersing myself in art and poetry. Depending on my mood I listen to many types of music, classical, light jazz, some pop or blues... I like to read and am inspired by a wide range of topics, I generally have several books on the go at once. I enjoy going to the moves, theatre, live performances, opera and have a heart for adventure for discovering or experiencing something new. I love hot spots like Hawaii, Mexico and California. I've travelled to Europe and other places and am planning to return to Paris and Italy. Despite the draw of exotic places, I find there is a lot to enjoy right around home. Living along the sea wall, I love seeing the water from my window, walking or cycling the different neighborhoods of Vancouver.
I am easy going, affectionate, and passionate about life. My partner would be someone who is at east, warm and enthusiastic about the possibilities of life together. We would be comfortable sharing the everyday details as well as the tougher issues that surface in relationship. Someone who is passionate about life and love, affectionate, interested in experiencing the moment, open minded and willing to flow with the changes.
If you're interested please send an email, I will take the time to answer.

Date someone special from Canada. About me? I am an active person who enjoys many pursuits, activities. If you asked me what I like to do most, it would be: dance, golf, ski. I also like movies and plays, outdoor theatre, walks along the seawall, etc. Apart from that I am busy with work ( I have retired but still enjoy working, looking at doing less of that to have more time for fun. ). I no longer have that great garden to work in but will replace with other pursuits. I like to travel, warm climates, adventure travel and would like to see the world ... I'm open to most destinations.
I have started my new adventure, having relocated to Vancouver, getting used to smaller digs. So far, I'm enjoying the vibrancy of Vancouver, being able to walk to many places, venues, even skytrain. I am no longer a paid member so can't view email, etc. I can be found on or in the pond as a larkx2.
Ideally, I'm looking for a great partner but it starts with a meet and then see where it takes us.
IAbout you? You're a gentleman that is up front, honest, a life he is content with; someone game for adventure, wanting to share the small and big moments, be it cooking together or travel.
Qu'est-ce sera, sera!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am looking for mutual respect, a loving happy nuturing relationship, with a like minded man. A man who loves to travel, One who enjoys good food, and good living. someone who loves to develop themselves by attending various seminars on personal growth.

. I am a cheerful person who likes to laugh.... loves to walk by the ocean or hike in the bush
I am looking for someone who is sure of himself but has a tender side... one who likes to try new things and share new adventures

. Spring has sprung and I'm coming out of hibernation.
I would love to meet someone who also thinks we should be ourselves, but be our best selves...who would like to share some summer activities and see where it leads.
Favourite things to do are road trips; picnics in out of the way places; beach combing; hiking; spontaneous exploration; renewing love of previous activities like canoeing and kayaking; watching foreign films; reading accompanied by a glass of wine or cup of tea while listening to music; and lots of good conversation. Getting dressed up to go out occasionally is fun too!
I'm attracted to those who are interested in an equal partnership and who have done enough thoughful reflection to be reasonably comfortable in their own skin and have a somewhat balanced approach to all that life might throw at them. Spiced with some spontaneity and great wit and you have a winning combination for me!
If any of this strikes a note, please get in touch.

. My closest friends would say that I am strong and independent. I am still working and enjoying that part of my life. I am most proud of my children first and my career second. I am grateful for the great people who have influenced my life and all of the chapters bringing me to now.
I am looking for companionsip first, to share a meal, go to a concert or movies, a friend who will walk with me, laugh and enjoy the simpler things in life. I am passionate about integrity, honesty and being able to laugh at the little things.

. Although I have been on my own now for just about 3 years, I know that I am still not ready for a long term relationship.( It is not out of the question, but not just now) I love the social life of dating, good conversation about books, sports, current events, movies, family, and every day life. I am comfortable dressing up for fine dining and meeting new people, or just slipping on a pair of jeans and heading the beach for a picnic. I am so fortunate to be living in Victoria where the ocean beaches are so accessible to everyone, and such a wonderful place to relax and unwind. I am looking for that person who would be happy with casual meetings to start with over coffe/tea or a glass of wine.My family is so very important to me, and I value the relationship; I have with them as adults. I feel truly blessed to have my family and some very close friends in my life.

. Looking to LOL with somework who could become my BBF. An Iphone texter my new BBF would love to exchange Smiley Faces, in fact he would be :-)) in general. :-& would not be a problem. And together we would enjoy o-&- !

. More to follow, Will complete in due time
Active, good sense of humour, recreational hockey and golf, running, cycling, enjoy good mystery stories, enjoy life to the fullest, many enjoyable life experiences, enjoyed some international travel, seen most of Canada (not Nfld-LB yet), worked in all western provinces and NWT during career,

. II am a adventuresome, free spirit of the world village. I love life and count each breath as a miracle. I would describe myself as a 'hacker', an out of the box thinker. I have just returned from the Middle East to co-care my mother with my sister. Taking care of my mother is an honour and a privilege but i would like someone to talk and share my wee world with. My spectrum of interests are wide and deep and my preferences are mountains, outdoors, fresh air, cool breezes, solitude, silence and listening to the wind. I am a great conversationalist meaning I love to listen and learn from others. I have traveled extensively and have no preference for one place over the other, contentment and bliss are in the heart and are with you in any location. The love of my life is my wee dog, named sunny. I'm passionate about the oneness of humanity and respect all soul ages.
I am looking for someone who is just like me!!!! LOL, Lets connect and let the breeze blow between us.

. I am mature, yet playful and love a good laugh or a good conversation.
I consider health and a good attitude towards life the greatest assets anyone can have. I like to surround myself with people who embrace what life brings them, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant and be grateful for the experience of what the events teach us.
I am looking for a playful companion who does not take himself too seriously, but is responsible and respectful of his fellow human beings. Good sense of humor and the ability to see beauty in all things are essential.
There are many things I would like to explore with my ideal companion. From simple walks on the beach and sharing a good conversation to enjoying a good meal or a dance, going to a play or cooking a delicious meal together or just relaxing together after would all be enjoyable and welcome.
When a more adventurous mood strikes, we would pack our bags and take a trip to a destination not yet explored or re-visit a favourite spot, whether it is far or just a short distance away.
Life's offerings are bountiful and waiting for all who want them. If you feel the same, reach out and see what we can find together.

. "I want to Meet someone who comes into my Life by accident..
but stays on Purpose.!"
I have absolutely no time for games, so I don't play them as well.
We all have a past, but instead of dwelling on it, I lived and learned from it and made myself stronger because of it.
Life's precious and I would love to find someone who can appreciate it as much as I do!
Want to know more? Just ask. Please don't just send a "hello".
I find those messages to be of disinterest and I won't respond.
I guess I can go on and on, but I can leave that for messaging or our first meet, if you're interested!
About Me;
i have swam with Sharks, so i don't need one..:D
i love Music,especially Country Rock and Roll,
but not really into Rap or hip-hop..
i like walking, bikes ( motor and pedal ) cards, exploring,
beach-combing, snorkeling, creating things,many Hobbies,
currently learning Latin Spanish, "Espanol..ole'
i also love all Animals,
i just have great respect with Nature and all that is in it, and i love being Outdoors,
You don't need a lot, to have a lot of FUN, just Someone Special who You have FUN with, and it is worth it..
I am young at heart, acts like a kid, plays X-box and Wii games,
i love the simple things in Life,
i respect people with good intentions, i have good values
and would like my special person to have Values like i do..
Whether it is sitting by a fire or simply enjoying moments together,
or quiet walks and awesome talks,
either way, if You are with someone who takes Your Breath away,
then You can't help but
just Smile.:)
thank You..