Date men and women from Canada / British Columbia / Langley, 25 year old

Date people from Langley, Canada. I am a brotha that wears his heart on his sleave at all times. Relly caring and compassionate. Don't under estimate that this balla has. I may just look like a lot of fun but I am always thinking, goal setting and working to my ultimate goal of getting my music out to the public and letting the world celebrate with me. I am looking for some one who has a great smile and laugh and always wants to be in an adventure because that is what my life is most of the time. SOme one so beautiful that she glows, she is blinding, and I know that is you. I see the goddess inside of most people but I really want to get to know that really special girl who is an artist herself, a creative spirit, with compassion and humour and a whole lot of love

Meet a boy from Langley, Canada. I hope this site works better than some of the others. I notice a lot that people look at profiles but never say anything. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask.
I am looking for someone that I can have a steady serious relationship with where it could lead to bigger and better things.
I have been told that I am a hopeless romantic, I'm sweet, caring, funny, and many others.
I am hoping that I do meet someone that I can open my heart up to and be able to just let myself fall in love. I have been hurt a lot and used and I just would like to find someone that will love me not hurt me! I know to some that's kind of corny coming from a guy but it's the truth, I'm ready to settle down and give all my love and attention to someone special.... Are you her?

Date someone special from Langley, Canada. At my core, I wouldn't be who I am without friends, family, and faith, nothing's worth more to me.
Ambitious. I work hard during the week in a professional position doing something I love in order to make the most of my weekends.
Love to travel, get outside, snowboard, ride motorcycles, go on road trips, hike, camp, and lose track of life on any beach possible.
Can't go to enough shows. Love live music.
I hate games, the superficial, and artificial.
I have strong values and stick to my guns.
Crack me open and find an unique sense of humour.
Cultured. Easy going. Chill. Openminded. Genuine.

Meet a guy from Langley, Canada. we'll I'm kinda shy but once you get to know know me you'll see how nice I am. I love meeting new people. I don't really go out to clubs or bars since I don't drink. Would love to meet someone new. would like to meet a nice pretty girl with a big heart :)

Date a soulmate from Langley, Canada. Well, I'm the kind of guy that likes to stay home on a friday night and cuddle up with someone special and a movie, so my perfect match would be someone like myself. Someone that would rather stay home and cuddle than go to a club, or a bar.
... Must be a cat person! (not really.)

Meet men and women from Langley, Canada. I enjoy hunting and fishing. I am a loyal friend and prefer being with smaller groups of people rather than large crowds. I spend time on the road for work and dont really have time to go out and meet new people or else wouldnt be doing this. I dont like spending time on the computer, I dont have a facebook acount but I figured why not give this a shot.

Date single boy from Langley, Canada. I'm a 25 year old self employed artist. I Do tattoos and custom drawings and paintings, I have a border collie nammed shadow. I love animals, being outdoors, Camping, Hiking or just relaxing on the beach. Looking forward to this summer its going to be a good one :)

Meet people from British Columbia, Canada. I am not sure what to put right now, feel free to ask me anything that you would like to know :).
Let's see I'm a hard worker and I like working, I have two jobs. I am not into the nightclub scene although I do like going to the bar or pub once and awhile. I am currently still living at home trying to save up to get my own place.

Date a boy from British Columbia, Canada. ABOUT ME
- I am positive in all aspects of life, constantly improving every day, and aware of my mind, body, and spirit.
- I am a full-time employee, part-time student, and martial artist.
- I believe that the mind is a very important tool.
- I believe myself to be genuine and I would never betray the ones I love.
- I value my family and those who are real.
- I believe the most important quality in life is being open-minded.
- I have dreams and aspirations.
- Wild and spunky, screams hatred with a small sense of passion!
- Classy when needed, yet not scared to show some street.
- Spontaneous, not normal... confident yet humble.
- Mentally and physically aware. Your body is the most important machine you will ever own.
- Stands out of a crowd. Someone unique and different... intriguing!
- Has philosophical opinions but never pushes beliefs. Spiritual. Deep thinker.
Phew, I've done my part, now it's your turn! Send me a message =)

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. just looking for some i share some common interested with hang out get to know! must be loyal and trust worthy. family and friends are a big part of my life! willing to try new things and explare new areas.

Date a guy from British Columbia, Canada. I’m an optimistic person, For the most part I can tell what I like very soon, but I am very open and chatty with those I get to spend one-on-one time with, Once the ice is broken. I also have an adventurous and spontaneous side to me. When I get to express those two qualities, The fun starts.
I’m ambitious and intelligent. I have many goals and dreams – My goals usually become dreams and thus far, I have made almost all of them into a reality just by pushing through life to achieve the things I want for myself. I have a great job in the Automotive Repair industry and love to continually learn new things about the business.
I am looking for someone with similar views and values so that we can compliment each others personality.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. what I am looking for is the same thing everyone else is. somebody new to meet and talk to and according to the commercials this was a good place to start.
I like to play and make music go outside when its nice out but can also go for staying in and watching a movie.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. The most important thing to me is my walk with God, and it is very important to me that that special person is committed and has a continuously growing relationship aswel. It is of course impossible to always be spiritual high and people have ups and downs, but I feel it is important to have that foundation. I love spending time with friends and family it is the 2nd most important thing to me. I also love exercise and living out a healthy life style- consisting of soccer, hiking and rock climbing. I love my Job as I said before Blessed to have a job that allows me to help and look out for others.

Meet single boy from British Columbia, Canada. Hi, my name is Greg I’m a 24-year old support worker for developmentally challenged adults. I absolutely love my career I find extremely rewarding. My hobbies including going on long bike rides, taking long walks with my dog, playing sports, spending time with my family and just relaxing at home with a great movie or watching the Canucks play and of course camping. As of right now my goal is to continue to work in my field and probably go back to school in a couple of years to become a T.A. for autistic students!! I like to think I’m pretty laid back and easy going. I enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. I can pretty much talk and get along with anybody. Geniality, honest and trustworthy would probably sum me up the best. I do enjoy listening to a wide genre of music.

Date people from Canada. So here we are,I am not self absorbed so writting a profile about myself is challenging so here is the blurb describing yourself to the world. Well, Im 25 years old, born and raised in Surrey, I now reside in Langley. I work for Canadian National Railway and I love my job, I definitely didn't expect to be doing this for a career when I was a little boy, but I am glad I landed where I am. I love to stay active and excercise, love getting out and enjoying the day and keeping myself busy. Why did I sign up? Well to be quite honest, I have written off the bar/nightclubs as good places to meet people worth dating so I figured Ide give this a shot. I wouldn't mind just meeting new people and seeing where that takes me. So if that intrigues you, pop me a message! I have no idea what else to write, so I'll leave it at that!