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Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. To meet that perfect match may be asking to much. However, it will be the journey towards that ultimate goal. It is very difficult to say what is that special person like, it realy is more of will I fit the bill, to be honest I am not perfect. But I am trying.

Meet someone special from British Columbia, Canada. My friends would say: I'm an intelligent, good looking man with a huge heart, a good sense of humour and fun to be around . I have a wide variety of interests with family and friends whom I enjoy life with whether its exploring different opportunities or just the basics of what life has to offer. I hope to attract a lady who is smart, wise and kind who has had some experience and met life's challenges in a positive & successful way. Trust and respect are key ingredients and so is being comfortable enough to have fun and really be one's true self from the beginning and all throughout a relationship is important.
I've been lucky and unlucky in love a few times and find that at my age and stage in life, it is not so easy to meet a really great lady who has similar interests and values. Being a good partner is what I offer, along with a wide range of interests and tastes. I am active, enjoy skiing. biking, golf and love to play cards or just enjoy fine wine followed by a nice home cooked meal with shared responsibilities in the kitchen. I love to play in the sun and in the winter.
I've looked at a lot of profiles on-line and it seems everyone is nice, and down-to-earth, and likes working out and travel. I've outlined above my interests and what appeals to me so if you have similar interests and want to get together let me know.
No pictures no response and if you have baggage leave it behind.

Date a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am just over 5'4" and retired. love to dance, cuddle, hold hands, go for walks, go out to dinner,spontaneous gifts, and a heck of a sense of humor. I would like to meet someone around the same height. doesn't matter to me though. Someone with a sense of humor, maybe likes to Golf, go for walks, bowl sometimes, hold hands, cuddle, candle lite dinners or just dinners. Things to do together is the best.

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. five foot three , brown hair and eyes . looking for someone to spend some quallity time with. i have four daughters who are all on there own . but i do have a small dog to take care of, and he takes care of me , by takeing me for walks . he is three and a half years young .

Date a man from Canada. I have a 9yr. old American Cocker Spaniel named Daisy, she is my little girl, so you should like animals of all kinds. My interests include reading, cooking,camping and travel. I would like to meet a women who is a bit of a tomboy, but who can dress-up for a fine evening of food and enterintment. I am a easy-going, open minded guy. Oh, I work construction as a excavator operater. I hope your interested to meet.

Meet someone special from Canada. I like to attract outgoing and fun to be around people, someone who is down to earth and has no hangups. My social life at the moment is in the toilet need someone to lift me up and take me away. Sail away to some place warm.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Prefer someone cheerful, attractive and who enjoys being active. I am still involved in health care as a volunteer and subscribe to the metaphysics of whole health. I travel a lot and like to live simply, sleeping outdoors when possible. Friends consider me honest, caring, focused, smart and energized. Love to dance and prepare vegetarian delights and to have fun. I cycle almost every day, love to walk on Willows Beach and Uplands Park when I'm here and to explore the outdoors and intimate cafes around the world. I am an incurable romantic in the true sense of the word and love to write about it too. I believe life was meant to be a celebration not a struggle and out of that comes a deep sense of gratitude. I believe it is our privilege to "make a difference" and to be of service. I'm looking for someone who is flexible and whose expectations are not rigid. I am responsible in all dimensions and have learned that love is the only answer to every meaningful question.

Meet single man from Canada. Direct. Smiles a lot. Patient. Optimistic. Contemplative. Sensitive.
Looking more for mind candy than eye candy. Talk nerdy to me. Tell me something I didn't know. If you were the one who never quite fit in, too out there for your own good, we might have something to talk about.
Open, really open, to someone willing to explore themselves.

. In all humility I am very talented and motivated to accomplish things in my life and very loyal to my friends and loved ones. I am looking for someone who will love and respect me and be my partner in life and eternity.
I love music and am a reasonably accomplished pianist (self taught playing by ear only) and also due a bit of strumming on a guitar.
I am an avid reader and like a wide range of books from the very serious and spiritual to political books and also a good political/espeionage/crime/drame book. In the latter category I love John Grisham and Tom Clancy especially.
I like movies but am very choosey. Most current movies are borderline garbage and I don't like the filth in most movies these days. But a good clean movie with an uplifting story is what I like.
I love the beauty of nature and walk almost daily either by a beach or in a forest trail or by a lake. I like travelling and have been to almost every continent except South America.
I have a very interesting career which takes me to many exciting places but I like spending quiet time at home and with friends more than anything.
I love Indian and Mexican food.
I am looking for someone who will respect and love me for what I am. I believe a couple should give each other space and be respectful of our differences while at the same time being fiercly loyal and true to each other.

. I enjoy people who are self-reliant, self-determining, with a passion for listening, learning and self-expression.... open to natural changes, honest-accurate in stating interests as well as what is unwanted, willing to try again after a break, to get through those challenging problems that need attention and response.
I live by the golden rule, with a passion for listening-learning, healing-recovery, asking-uncovery, perception-discovery and interaction-dialogue.

. can be witty at times but also have a seriouse side when needed. enjoy spectater events,but dont mind partisipating too. hoping to make a few new friends and see were it goes from there.
looking forward to retierment (semie retired already)

. I am a positive, unconventional individual who enjoys a healthy, active lifestyle. I like to laugh and, can be provocative, passionate, and playful. I am confident and comfortable in my own skin and have good-will towards others. I am not defensive if criticized and always welcome others' opinions. I enjoy the magnificence and awe of life and creation. I like helping others and seek a healthy companion with a warm heart for fun and adventure. Cheers.

. I am looking for a friend. I don't want a nanny or a mommy or a stripper or a wife. I don't want to get married or live with some one. I need a companion to share my love and life with, but not some one who will suffocate me. Party girls, hookers and freaks need not apply.
I have a physical disability, but I don't let it stand in the way of enjoying the things I love to do. I take great pride in being as independent as possible. I graciously accept the help of others when it is necessary, but I prefer to do as much as possible for myself.
You are an independent woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. You are intelligent but you are also somewhat humble; preferring not to be showy or ostentatious. You are slim and/or petite with a beautiful body that you take great pride in and so you look after and pamper yourself accordingly. You love animals and nature.
I like to socialize with a small close group of friends but I also like my home and privacy. Summer bar-be-ques and occasional travel is fine.

. Spending time enjoying the later life..I have a nice house in a beautiful small town. I work very hard at my business and i have a beauiful family all grown up,almost lol. I also enjoy traveling the world And playing poker. Just looking for someone to share it with an who will put up with my rough sense of humor :-)

. I,m told we should do one thing every day that frightens or exites you friends are very important to me I'm not into the bar scene. Looking for someone who likes quiet nights with a good book, a cribbage game or gazing at the stars The woman I meet would be confident, self aware honest willing to meet me half way in life