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Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. well i am fighting the big C iam beating this with all the prayers and frends praying goodol lord will help sold my truck for a wheelchairwhen things look goodperfect comes out alot and praise thelord//// some weekends i go to flea markets and sell pot hooks..

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I have an opinion about issues when asked. Am fair and honest, very loyal. Very proud of accomplishments in the arena and education. Very grateful for my identity. Would like to meet someone with a good sense of humour. Looking for a companion to share horses, travel, movies.

Date a man from British Columbia, Canada. its hard to describe m self as i have never really been askesd i just try to bemyself and yake life as it comes deal with the good or bad as it appears work things out big or small right away and never leave anybody mad at the end of the day

Meet single man from British Columbia, Canada. If this was a car ad, it would read:
Available: late-model used caucasian
Body color: Tan and Silver
Fairly high mileage, but the body is still in very good shape. Headlights are getting a little dim, but the unit is still accident free. Has a racy motor, but the exhaust is sometimes a little noxious. Has lost a little horsepower over the years.
Suspension creaky when cold, runs smooth when warm. Could be a little sawdust in the transmission.
Starts slow on cold mornings - may need hand cranking or won't turn over. Brakes are good - CAN stop but sometimes doesn't know when. Oil change and lube required at regular intervals.
Runs on regular Pinot Noir. No need to pour that expensive, oaky stuff into this unit!
All reasonable offers accepted, unreasonable offers considered. Drop by the dealership and take this little baby for a spin!
Well anyway...
It's hard writing these things without feeling like you're bragging (and I hate braggers) - so I'll do it this way:
I'm pretty good looking, quite fit, fairly intelligent, nicely well-off, kinda funny, reasonably well adjusted, a better-than-average cook, a not half-bad golfer, and a decent sculptor (see photos).
I am a happy, healthy, stable guy who is looking for the same type (female!!!) to share healthy fun. I am interested in a committed relationship - I'm a one woman kind of guy for sure. I am very centered with no baggage. (well, maybe just a little carry-on, but EVERYbody has one of those, and I can stow it away in that overhead thingy no problem)
I love golf, art, science, history, music and many cultural pursuits. I love great food and wine. I'm even fond of some of the crappier wines.
I also like to be out on the ocean - I am also a pretty serious wood sculptor. I am a musician and I spend quite a lot of time in the gym. I am warm, caring and affectionate and fiercely loyal. I come in two configurations -with beard or without - currently without - take your pick.
I am also handy with fixing things and I enjoy doing stuff around the house - I have two homes and they are both very well maintained. I can usually figure out what you did to your computer as well.
I have quite a strong personality and will often lead the pack - but I DO NOT try to dominate anybody - especially the woman I'm with. I have no problem with strong women, but I definitely don't want a boss. I think things work best when people agree. If you want someone who's not afraid to make a decision or won't get rattled when things go sideways, you can count on me. I have had many years of married life so I am quite well trained, but I still don't take orders well.

Date someone special from Canada. enjoy the outdoors, hiking , camping, sports......quiet and romantic evenings......dancing...... and just enjoying good company...warm destinations r a to spend some time in arizona in the winter...... and jbobca can be found a the opposite of a cold place.........would like to meet someone who enjoys the same type of activities.......if this interests u to hear from you

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am a romantic, considerate and young-at-heart gentleman that enjoys all the unique things various cultures contribute to our lives. The glass is always half full. I am curious about life, having travelled to many parts of the world. I enjoy a deep discussion and the company of friends. Music and the gentle touch of a loved one can always find a way to lift me up if I am down. I value kindness, understanding, empathy and a sense of purpose and self-confidence.
I am looking for a romantic Asian woman that enjoys being a woman, is feminine and confident in herself, and wants to feel the powerful connection and satisfaction that an intimate relationship can spawn on its many levels.
She is positive and open-minded and willing to try before judging. Importantly she is understanding, empathetic, kind and supportive with a good sense of humour. She should be knowledgable and curious enough to have interesting conversations on many topics, but does not need to have extensive formal education.

Date a man from Canada. I am honest, funny joking alot, grateful to be alive and social life is a homebody like to have dinners, barbeque, walks, view nature, photography, funny things people say and do makes me laugh, I'm looking for friendship, companionship, someone to golf with. I'm most passionate about beauitful things, helping others, golfing, christianity, every day positive things to say and do. I am grateful for each day and the suprises it brings, that I can appreciate my health. I am most proud of my accomplishments to be able to teach others my trade of carpentry and that I became the Dean of a University College during my teaching tenure.

Meet single man from Canada. there is'nt much i do not like..and wiling to try new things.i would like to meet someone who is kind and likes the out doors..and will be a good friend and lover...mmm.ya well time will tell coffee and a chat..who knows what will happen

. About me:
I'll try to be objective. Was married for 23 years - amicable split. My family and friends who know me (I have many long term, quality friends and I don't mean fb friends) would say that I'm an honest, dependable, charitable, respectful, tolerent, patient, good humoured individual who has a zest for life. Rarely a dull moment. I also enjoy a relaxing candle lit dinner at home. I've learned to prepare healthy but flavourful meals (Moroccan is my favourite...figs, dates, almonds and ras el hanout spice!). I appreciate fine white and red wine (life is too short for cheap wine!). Good conversationalist on nearly any subject. Not always right! LOL Romantic...for sure! I don't see myself as self-centred and certainly more interested in those around me. Personality profile - extroverted, intuitive, feeler, perceiver B type. A gentleman. I'm for real! The photos are current. You'll recognize me if you choose to meet me! Like you, I grew up with the British Rock Invasion As such, I developed a keen interested in all forms of root music like Blues, Soul and R and R. Love old Beatles, Zombies, Kinks, Stones, CSN and Y, Santana, Doobie Bros, Earth Wind and Fire, Bee Gees, Van Halen, ACDC, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Robert Palmer, U2, Eric Clapton, Hall and Oates, R.E.M., Brian Adams to name but a few.
Alternatively, in between the candle lit mixed greens topped with sun dried berries, roasted pine nuts and crumbled feta or goat cheese and the main course (some have said my grilled rack of lamb is THE best), we would find moments to slow dance to the sounds of Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Etta James or Cesaria Evora... aprons and all. OK...Sinatra, Martin, Eglesias, Getz, or Mexico's Luis Miguel (this crooner is best after Barry White) would be just as effective!
Re. fashion...equally comfortable in my jeans or business attire. Generally, I'm into neat and tidy but not obsessively. I own a tux, like to wear it but rarely do. I welcome any opportunity to attend the QE, Orpheum, Stanley, the Cultch, WISE (acronym) Hall and the Yale (now closed for a year). I love interesting dining spots, fine to boutique. Chambar and Rodney's come to mind! Best pizza - Zacharia's on Oak! The Lower Mainland is a diner's meca!
Boring but good things to know: I have no tattoos or piercings (yet!). It's OK if you do (piercings other than in your nose, lip and/or eyebrow!). LOL I don't do illicit drugs. No criminal record. ICBC Road Star. I love the look and sound of a shiny, classic knucklehead Harley Davidson but I don't own or ride motorcyles because I know the high risks and love my family too much! Politics...fiscal conservative - social liberal. Do I respect the environment? Not an activist but Mike Harcourt would be proud of me! I live in an environmentally engineered community (see photo) and recycle.
Who I'm looking for:
An attractive, confident, sociable, active, age appropriate lady who's life is reasonably uncomplicated and at peace with the past. Someone who has "closed a chapter" and not simply "turned a page". Contented with her life's accomplishments. Generally happy inside and out. A romantic! Common interests and values would be important but not necessarily all the same. We should learn and experience new stuff throughout our journey together!
If you fancy shopping in Seattle/Bellevue or attend concerts under the stars at Chateau St Michelle Winery in Woodinville, a NEXUS card would be beneficial (don't ya' just hate those 1 hour border waits)! An open sky concert at The Gorge by George, WA can be another awesome experience! Let's make a long week-end so we can avoid the crowds and congested traffic and get away to wine country (Okanagan, Washington, Oregon). How about Ocean Shores, Tofino or Naramata (Google the Naramata Heritage Inn!). Someone seeking companionship which creates the bedrock foundation for a long term loving relationship.

. Very young 62, honest,sincere,and funny, a bit shy when first meeting new people but once the ice is broken you'll find a great and trusting companion. Have a quiet lifestyle but if the opportunity presents itsself (lets party!).I'm very open minded but also faithful when a romantic and physical relationship developes . Chivalry is not dead,it lives within.I will treat a lady like a lady with respect, honesty,and courtesy and expect the same in return. I must say though, to accept a printed profile as gospel is a gamble but then most of life is.So gamble with me, the odds may be in your favor!

. Quiet yet confident about tackling the challenges/ curve balls of Life. I am generally quiet, yet I truly enjoy meeting most kinds of people and discovering their diverse interests which often intrigue me and offer furtherance of friendship and camaraderie. I am seeking a faithful woman, who likewise seeks a long-term, (perhaps) marriage relationship, one typified with forgiveness, tenderness, compassion and mutual integrity. I long for a life -long relationship characterized by a loving marriage and knowing/undertaking the hard work such a relationship entails. To be truly together in all phases of a relationship would create a wonderfully fulfilling aspect to my life, which up till now, has not been a permanent fixture.

. like to meet a woman who still believes they can meet there friend and lover and also likes dogs and doing what comes up.llets be friends first and go from there .if your interested don't be shy look me up.

. A very good and kind person, my liesure time. fun loving people that want enjoy live. Working at one place to get my retirement. I am grateful my children and my good heath. A would like to attract someone who likes to ride on motorcycles and car shows and golf. Always around family and friends. A good storey, a good joke and sense of humor. Looking for some one to go diners, a show and some intament time not serious no long term. My passion is my children and friends, and will retire by summer.

. Honest, Sincere, fun loving, tall male. Enjoys life and what it has to offer. Believes that "What you put into life is what you get back", Has a great sense of humor. Financially and emotionally secure. Hobbies include listening to music, Rock, Country, Classical, Blues, especially 60's and 70's . Social get togethers with friends, Exercises on a regular basis to keep in shape, Has a passion for Golf. Short term goal is to get an ACE. A few weeks in Arizona/California during the winter months can sure get the tan started.
Looking for an honest, caring person who would also enjoy life and what it has to offer. Sense of humor a must, comfortable in jeans or dressed up. Golfer would be a plus.

. Would love to meet a lady who loves the outdoors..camping, fishing, exploring, boating. I travel south to Mexico and other points south. Sun, sand, snorkel, cervesas. Enjoy live music, dining out, beach, seawall walks, pets, and exploring new places.