Date women from Canada / British Columbia / Metchosin, 65 year old

Date a woman from Canada. My life has been very full with diverse experiences and adventures and now, almost into retirement (I sure like the Spanish word, 'jubilado') I intend to continue that way. At this moment I have a more spiritual context to swim in since I am taking the time to slow down and appreciate. Sometimes it's a challenge to arrive there each day since I have defined myself for too long by what I do/accomplish/create etc. But waking up to 2 waggy dogs sure helps, they make me laugh and remind me of the light side of life.
What I'm looking for in a Relationship is humor, friendship, compatibility, separate lives intersecting with love, respect, shared values (like peace, justice, equality), a commitment to communicate with honesty and caring, a genuine desire to rise to the challenge of change and to support the growth and excitement of this process for both.
I don't know who said this but I like it'..."Life is change, growth is optional, choose wisely"
I love great quotes. And did I mention dogs? and most animals, music, reading and writing, gardening, kids, recycling, hiking and swimming in lakes, dancing and yoga, movies, traveling, ginger chocolate and the company of great friends and family?

Meet someone special from Canada. I have had a wonderful married life with an exceptional man. It took me a long time to even consider looking at someone else to share my life. I am ready to look to the future with a new partner to fully enjoy all that life has to give and more.
Peewee hockey players make me cry and laugh all at once - too funny to see them put so much energy to get to the other side of the rink. Animal antics make me laugh out loud period. I think seniors have a lot to teach us. I cry at sad stories/documentaries. I'm confident with a dash of shyness thrown in. The man who I would feel comfortable with would accept me with all my faults, yes, I have some of those - surprise! I have a very good sense of humour, strength of character, stamina. I love life and I live it in the present; not waiting for things to happen. I'm fortunate to be able to enjoy life to the fullest, surrounded by family and good friends. I'm happy, comfortable with who I am. I'm grateful to have been born in Canada and living in Victoria the most beautiful city in the world.- I'm retired now, and am enjoying camping in my motor home; I'm new at this and it challenges me.
Basically I'm looking for a partner to hold hands with, living a full and rich life surrounded by family and friends, sharing adventures and looking toward a fulfilling golden era together. It would be great if my partner were living near Victoria, B.C.
Thank you for having read this; hopefully I spark your interest and perhaps with can have a cuppa.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Not too sure why this site thinks I live in Metchosin, lol!!! I live near the downtown core of Victoria. I love to swim and hot tub and hike. I enjoy sharing a meal in a nice ambience. I love some movies I can be quiet and thoughtful sometimes. I am missing someone special to just me....although I love my life. I'm fit and healthy. I love 5 Rhythms Dance. I am passionate about the ancient forest. I want to go to Carmanah/Wahlbran and camp.....a modest ambition but I haven't done it yet. I like a little travel.....Hawaii, Tofino, wanting to plan a trip to Europe and to Banff and to see more of B.C. I go to PEI or Cape Breton quite often. I've become used to travelling alone and I am curious how it would be to travel with a partner. I am not looking for a clone and I have a deep appreciation of other people's differences. I am hugely interested in other cultures....mostly from my armchair so far and through relationship. I am perhaps a unique mixture because I work in law and also as a healer which are very different occupations. I am self employed and merge work into the rest of my life.
There are no kids and no pets in my life. I live in a condo so gardening is the pots on my balcony. Although I love to have my hands in the dirt and in the springtime I miss it. And I love, love, love animals. I am a very tactile person and the feel of animals and the earth is pure pleasure to me.
I very much live in the moment.
I work part time and my life can sometimes be busy. Although I like alone time and I have a full life it would be so nice to have someone to do things together with at a time that works for both of us and someone to cuddle with. No demands. Just love and respect and fun. Living alone is very nice and I am used to it and there is a big yearning and so I am more than willing to make space for a committed relationship.
The patio at the coffeeshop is a favourite for me in my hood......taste in music is eclectic. I do volunteer work in social justice in lieu of hobbies (food bank, shelter for street youth, helping orphaned and abandoned children in Myanmar) I love the people I meet.

Meet a woman from Metchosin, Canada. I have spent much of my life caring for others and now that my 'children' are grown with families of their own it's time for some attention to 'me'. I value time spent with family and friends. I like to be around others but also enjoy just sitting quietly enjoying the wonders of where we live.
I like to travel and see new things - whether it is an hour away or across the country. There is always something new to see and learn.
A sense of humor is important. Laughter is indeed the best medicine and one must be able to laugh at oneself as well.
I'm not very good at writing about myself so if you want to know more about me please be in touch.

Date someone special from Metchosin, Canada. I still find life exciting and wonderful. I am feminine not a feminist. Intelligence and compassion come first in my search for the right partner and I offer both in return as well as my enthusiasm , creativity and joi de vie.