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Date someone special from British Columbia, Canada. My friends and co-workers describe me as a woman with a huge heart and a big smile that lights up the room. I am up-front and fearless when advocating for those unable to do it for themselves. I am looking for a man I can Love, Spoil and completely trust with my heart and feelings. I am looking for a man who loves animals, doing volunteer work, dancing, camping and spoiling the Grandkids. I am intelligent, confident, and I love life. Need my own space at times. Love to cuddle and sleep in on Saturday.

Meet a soulmate from British Columbia, Canada. I am a well-rounded lady. I lake fish, I watch some sports, some horse racing, in my jeans & manage to look good. Also make floral arrangements, cook great dinners, hike, love to explore places with a picnic , fine dine & enjoy being attractive. I have a good amount of energy & find that a variety of things make a rather interesting life. I need a manly man,( honesty, integrity, confident but relaxing. Must at least think he is romantic, like conversation, be able & want to do some travel. You should also know that ironing & hanging sheets on a clothesline also make me happy!

Date people from British Columbia, Canada. Humor makes me smile and very easy going. My accomplishments in life were raising my family.I am great full that I shared my life with a man who taught me so much in life. Would like to attract a man who will share the same likes as me as you are never to old to learn from each other.

Meet a woman from British Columbia, Canada. I enjoy a warm caring person....humor is so special in a person. life is a journey to be enjoyed. good friends and a family to love and care about. PEOPLE need to care about each other..
Life is not an emergency. we need to take time to enjoy what is avaliable to us on this wonderful earth......
grown old gracefuly and always be kind to each other.

Date men and women from British Columbia, Canada. I am a retired 65 year old widow who has MS. I enjoy camping, dining out, movies and the live theatre. My idea of a perfect date is going out for dinner at a quiet seafood restaurant then going home and relaxing with an alcoholic beverage in my hand. I'm the happiest when I'm with someone special.....I'm looking for a man who is loving, caring, considerate and compassionate who enjoys cooking. A man who is emotionally and financially stable.

Meet someone special from Canada. Life is great - it's what we make of it and how we handle what is thrown at us. I am grateful for what I have in my life, what I have been able to accomplish and for my wonderful family and friends. I believe that part of life is luck and being fortunate enough to be able to reach out for it when it passes our way. Because I have been blessed, I have much to smile about. I'm very happy with my life but meeting someone to share the good times with initially as a friend and a companion to do those things with that are more fun to do with someone special would be that extra added bonus. And who knows where it will lead from there.
I am creative, enjoy exploring, seeing new things and being active. Besides spending time with family and friends, I enjoy writing, reading, photography, gardening, entertaining, dancing, walking, nature and would love to kayak. I also have a sense of humor, and am patient, optimistic and easy going.
I would like to meet someone who is equally active and enjoys life; someone who is easy-going with a good sense of humour, who enjoys discussions and socializing, who takes an interest in things and the world around him and who is an optimistic and kind person. And sometimes it isn't something you can pinpoint and say I would like .... It just is that special something.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I would like to find someone who, like me, is fun-loving, has a good sense of humor and loves life. I'm a compassionate person, who works with special needs children in schools. Living on acreage, I love all animals, and have one dog, one cat, a pony and a Percheron draft horse. Cooking and fine dining are among my passions - hopefully they'll be among yours as well. I enjoy classic rock and roll, blues and country music - and in fact, have planned a trip to New Orleans for the music festival this Spring. Am especially excited to see the Eagles and Bonny Raitte on that trip!
I would like to meet someone who has similar interests - talk and get to know each other and see where it goes. A travel companion would be great!
My computer skills are novice at best, so please, no lengthy emails. Once comfortable and trust is established, I much prefer the phone.
Make the first move....I'm modern in most ways, but still old fashioned when it comes to meeting and making new friends.
Cheffy JoJo

Meet people from Canada. Curious about life and people, easy-to-talk to, upbeat with a taste for adventure. Great conversations energize me. I am a good listener, loyal, sensitive and engaged in life. I love spending time with my partner; however, being a bit independent by nature, I need to balance that with some private time or with friends. One of my goals is to travel somewhere different and to experience something new at least once a year. In the last two years, I've crossed off by bucket list white water rafting, zip-lining, (finally) riding a horse and after years of being away from it, have joined a book club.
I like holding hands, flowers for no reason and dressing up for a night on the town. ALso, enjoy cooking a meal together at home over a glass of wine or just watching a movie (oldies, too), dancing to that 'old fashioned rock and roll' or cheek to cheek to Sinatra in the living room! I believe it's important to participate in regular exercise, get out in nature and try to make healthy food choices. Well, maybe not all the time. Ice cream and pizza are healthy, aren't they? Travelling on short spontaneous day trips or getting away on longer warm winter vacations with walks on the beach are some of my favorite things. I believe in giving back something to our community and do some volunteering at various places around my city.
What am I looking for in a partner? Honesty, intelligence, a generous spirit and the feeling that comes from mutual understanding of the hearts. Friends and/or family are a part of your life, you enjoy cultural pursuits, appreciate music and participate in some form of exercise. (You don't need to run marathons but if you do, I'll support you all the way). A witty sense of humor makes me laugh, you like to share and most of all, you think communication is important. We all have come to this time in our life with experiences and hopefully, have learned that when looking for someone who is compatible, there's a better chance of success when you come to the table with the ability to just be yourself.
Regardless of your age, you consider yourself a young thinker, like to lead an active lifestyle and have optimism for what is to come.

Date a woman from Canada. I am looking for more of a companion to go for a drink and have lots of laughs...I would like to meet someone who is honest, respectful loves hugs and just enjoys the years we have left....maybe travel a little...someone who would like to take the odd bus trip down to Nevada or ??? I like to stay home and do crosswords or play the odd game on the computer...don't have any pets but thinking about a small house dog...I do most of my socializing at the Elks Lodge as I find most people lots of fun and friendly...

Meet men and women from Canada. Am grounded, sensible but versatile, open to options, adventurous; I'll try most anything once! Love to laugh; have fun! Do I NEED a partner? Absolutely not! Am capable, in every aspect, of caring for myself! Would I like to have the 'right partner' to fill that 'void'; to enhance each others lives? Absolutely YES; have lots of love to give!! :)
I'm an open book; say what I think 'n feel; mean what I say! We're all far from perfect; no less am I! Wear my emotions on my sleeve! Expect my partner to value me with high regard, as an equal; to receive care, compassion, consideration, kindness - 'Vitamin C' from my partner! Need to know my partner is 'in love' with me; Require physical closeness; am a touchy feely person, who 'melts' with hugs, kisses, hand holding, intimacy of any kind! :)
I'm a caring, compassionate, emotional person who laughs with you, cries with you; Am 'thin skinned' and 'hurt' easily by those 'closest to my heart'; Always try to be kind and considerate, putting myself in others 'shoes'; Greet family, some friends by holding their hand, hugs and/or kisses - depending on situation 'n how close we feel!
Do I believe in possibilities? Absolutely, YES!! Am I concerned, afraid, apprehensive, scared to death? YEH!!! Will that stop me from pursuing a relationship I believe in? Absolutely NOT! 'Better to have loved and lost, than never have loved at all!'
Would love to meet someone to hang out with; to watch the stars in the night sky, listen to the water lap at the shore; go for a walk hand in hand; to share life's ups and downs; to watch a good movie while cuddling; to enjoy the hot tub or the backyard pool; stormy days/nights; listen to the rain on the roof. Someone to go house boating with; to retire with;camp/RV with; to travel with; international or domestic; driving or cruising; would love to travel but not alone. It is not the destiny that is important but the journey and with whom it is shared. 'A Joy Shared, is a Joy Doubled; a Sorrow Shared, is a Sorrow Halved!'
Would you be the one?

. fun and outgoing, loves life, country music and dancing, likes to travel to warm places in the winter, likes the relaxing life style...enjoys volunteering at the service clubs and in general helping others when the need is there, leisurely walks holding hands and enjoying each others wits...

. i am a down to earth girl. i want a friend and lover....some one with a sense of humor. clean. I love being home and enjoying family and friends. gardening is a wonderful part of life. I love to travel. see new places....outdoor BQS...all things that are pure and clean and natural.

. Alright - so...this is a whole New Year and I'm off and running - a New Year of New Beginnings so, here goes -
Not used to talking about ME, cause I'm not much of a talker, can you believe that? I'd rather sit back and listen. Bit of an introvert. I don't believe in arguing and I don't believe in raising my voice to be heard. I'm kinda Calm/Assertive - I know....I watch too much of the Dog Whisperer. But, he's right in a lot of Life's Ways.
Mother Nature I have the highest respect and regard for.
As for music? I've listened to a lot of music and now I just enjoy the peace and quiet - I'd rather take my sandwich and walk with Harley down to the estuary and listen to the music the birds make rather than anything anybody else wants to make. So, whatever kind of music you like to listen to is fine with me, so long as I don't have to listen to it too. Although........ I LOVE TO DANCE. I've even taken a few lessons. So, come on - let's cut a rug !!
My goal is to have someone make me their "priority" - not their "option".

. My friends tell me I am much younger looking than I am.
Little children, friendly people, all animals, a good movie, etc., makes me smile.
I signed up for college at age 57 and graduated an honor student.
I am grateful for my excellent health and my two children and their families, especially my beautiful grandchildren.
I am hoping to attract a person who has similar interests as myself, who enjoys the outdoors, and is not critical of others.
Right now I am just looking for someone to share a cup of coffee with, or maybe a movie, or a walk and if it leads to something more that's great but otherwise I just enjoy meeting people and exchange views and experiences.

. I am greatful for my relationship with my daughter and my friends. I enjoy a good joke and movies that make me laugh. I like to hear people talk about what is important in his/her life. I am looking for someone to do things with and spend time with.