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Date people from Ontario, Canada. I love to laugh and have a good time and am fortunate to have surrounded myself with a fantastic group of friends and have an amazing support system within my family.
I am not afraid of putting myself out there, I enjoy getting to know people and I always like to make others feel welcome or comfortable. My circle of friends are very important to me as well. I have been lucky to have established realtionships with people who I consider to be like family to me.
Travelling is something that I absolutely adore and would love to share that with someone special one day. I enjoy learning about new places and cultures. Whether its a beach vacation or a site seeing adventure, I am always ready to explore.
I am looking for someone who is caring, grounded, confident and goal-oriented. It would be nice to find a partner who appreciates a sense of independence, but also knows how to be social. In a relationship I look for honesty, trust, commitment and communication. I value someone who can be open with their thoughts and feelings and is not afraid to challenge me.
Living a healthy lifestyle is something that I value as well. Don't get me wrong, being of a European background food and wine is something that comes with the territory. However, I try to be aware of the choices I make and know when to treat myself!
Cheers and happy searching!

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I love to travel and explore new things. I love to read, cook, hike, sports and golf. Looking for someone who knows how to treat a beautiful woman. No head games here please. Aren't we a little to old for that? So much more...check back later...gotta run

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. First and foremost I am looking for someone who is real and who isnt afraid to be themself. I would consider myself to be a person who loves life and lives every bit of it to its full potential, you only live once right. I 'd prefer the mystry of a quite smile over those that try to be loud and boastful. I am humble at heart and believe hard work derserves rewards. I enjoy treating myself as well as my friends and family, making others happy always makes me happy. I am passionate about travelling to interesting places, and would take adventure over relaxation, but a mix of both is best. I love being outside during all seasons. I have an artistic flare, i like to paint and anything thats involves creativity. I love to laugh and i find humour very attractive. I love crakin jokes and engaging in conversation. I am not afraid to try anything once and never turn down a challenge. I am a free spirit with an easy going nature.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am a funny, nice & easygoing person. My friends say I always put a smile on their face even if their aren't in the mood. I'm looking for someone who understands my needs as well as their own. I want someone who I can grow with & who's on the same page.

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. Well where to start..Im not to good at talking about myself but here we go. I recently moved to Oshawa and Im looking to meet new people and maybe show me aound a little bit. A must for me though is HONESTY and i know probably all women say that but Im Im not to sure wheat else to write if you wanna know any thing else send me a mesages cheers!!!!

Meet people from Canada. Am very passionate person when it comes to my work and my family.
The most important thing I am looking for in a person is: I am not into mind playing games! I'm looking for someone who is down to earth that likes to laugh and just know how to have a great time . Trustworthy, respectful and loyal, that one guy who I can run to when I need it. Someone honest and easy going, that i can grow old with. I am who I am inside and outside. I am looking for someone that is serious, and has a good head on their shoulders and most definately know what they want in life or down the road.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Looking for someone who loves life and can make me laugh. What I want is a genuine connection,the kind that inspires;Conversations that breathe,smiles that come from the soul, intoxicating chemistry,electricity that questions rationality and maybe even TRUST. I'm intelligent,engaging,vibrant,confident,independent
, loyal,understanding,assertive and aware. I will not answer to anyone without a photo or who are here for entertainment value.. Men who are not interested in a relationship need not apply!!!!

Meet someone special from Canada. Selling” myself has never been one of my strong points. But I am always up for a challenge, so let’s see if I “wow” Mr. Right, I know he is out there.
I am an easy-going girl but I am a huge planner. Definitely looking for someone who can compliment me instead of competing with me.
I have a great job, which I love. It keeps me pretty busy, however I work to live not live to work. I keep a real good balance between my personal life and work life.
I have a great group of friends that are like family. Family and friends are real important to me, definitely a characteristic I would look for in a partner.
I am into almost all sports, I love rollerblading, playing baseball, golfing, watching any sports event whether it be live or on TV.
I try to go away on vacation at least once a year, I think it is healthy to leave the house and explore the world, no matter where you go.
I believe we all value time, so please feel free to contact me if you are looking for something serious, I am not into games, no need to waste anyoneРІР‚в„ўs time. I do have a car but I believe in order sustain a healthy relationship distance has to be reasonable and a two party effort.

Date a woman from Canada. they describe me and a kind and loving and carrying person. my family makes me smile when i finished the child and youth worker program for my son and kind and loving good jokes that will last a long time to myself happy and my son and do the best that i can do for me.. i love to help people around me and try to give them the best.

Meet men and women from Canada. I'm very. New to this dating game but am gonna give it a try. I m looking for someone to spend time with that enjoys life regarless of the obstacles and be a ray of sunshine. Not askin for a lot just a happy go lucky kinda guy with some muscle and brain

. In my own words, I could never live without...Music and hockey!
My greatest guilty pleasure is...Really bad pop music.. d*mn
I appreciate the ability to never stop laughing… Life is supposed to be fun right?
I am an easy going person, who enjoying hanging out with her friends watching the hockey game, talking, laughing, camping and having meaningful conversation. My friends would describe me as intelligent, independent and witty. I enjoy a good debate and I like trying new things.
Music is my passion, I am a bit of a music nerd. And I will judge you based on your taste of music, yet I listen to really bad pop music. LOL
I am looking for a that ever elusive connection thing people always talk about.... I think chemistry is really important. To me, that means that person turns you on in every way possible, and I don't just mean sexually.
Life can be a little scary and has a way of happening before you even know it.... I guess I'm looking for someone to hold my hand during the scary party, and understand when I don't want/need my hand held. Make sense? If so, perhaps you could explain it to me?

. I guess I should start by saying I am not really sure what I am searching for. I believe that when I meet him I will just know what is right. It is a theory I have used when shopping for shoes and so far so good. :o)
I love to travel and hope that anyone I meet would be interested in exploring with me. I love to laugh and most of my friends believe me to be a very funny person. They are all very boring, so I look astonishingly witty in comparison apparently.
I love animals, shoes, cars, the smell of old books, rare cds, my job (most days) and I am very close with my family. I love to relax, hang out and my favorite thing in the world is a rainy day. I am a true Canadian girl, I hate summer and live for snow. I want to try snowboarding again, but need some encouragement and a partner who won't laugh when I land on my face.
I love going to concerts, I wish to someday drive across the country like a crazy groupie and stalk Pearl Jam or something, and I will confess I am secretly only on this site to meet someone with a PS3 as I miss playing video games.
Have a good one!

. honesty, romance, someone to grow old with. serious about a relationship. Willing to learn and be open minded about others. Is not egotist, strong individual, and they knows exactly what they want in life. Someone to make me smile and who enjoy good company.

. looking for a companion outside of motherhood..and for new adventures in my life.Ready to start the first day of the rest of my life,Hoping to find someone that will sweep me off my feet and make me feel whole again..I am and honest person who hates liars and deceitful people..

. This is my first time on this site. Hope this works out better than other sites. So here goes:
I love music - all genres. I love to sing and I'm currently inbetween bands at the moment (which makes me a little sad). I love to perform and listen or watch other talented people perform. I love to try new and exciting things, so please don't be afraid to think outside the box with me. I'm usually down for whatever. I love to travel, to go out and dance, go to the theatre, even just staying home and watching a movie and talking. I also love to cook and experiment.
I'm looking for someone who shares a similar outlook on life and someone who likes to have fun and can hold a conversation. Positivity only - no negetive people!!! If you are easily offended or can't take a joke, then you are not for me, as I sometimes think I'm quite the comedian, lol.
I will leave you with a quote that I hope for me comes true:
The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.