Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 51 year old

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. I am a very honest, open, sensual and affectionate guy looking for a woman who above all is honest and so I love Spanish food ( both savoring it and preparing it)! I have an extensive "bucket list" of places to visit and explore and things to yet accomplish. Although trained and practiced as art lover, I am now dedicating time to charitable causes, travel, working on a book, dabbling into some politics and exploring other opportunities. I enjoy many different activities from running and working out, hiking, playing with kids, scuba diving, cooking, fishing a nice trout stream, working , foreign travel, reading... and always up for something new. I strive to do my best at applying principles of integrity to all aspects of my life...particularly in business dealings and service to others...but must admit that I still have lots of room to improve and many things to learn. I have a great sense of humor and easily laugh. I am a very sexual, sensual and affectionate person. Lots of hugs, kisses, touching etc. I love the great outdoors, hiking, and fishing. I like sports, travel, music, dining out or in, the beach or the mountains; I guess I'm comfortable any where. Love is a big part of who i am. I mean i am a very loving affectionate man. Perhaps i am also a little old fashion. I am a very mature man., likes to laugh and joke around and be silly at times, yet knows when to be serious, is direct and straightforward and can talk about most anything with her man. I want us to be the best of friends, who can't wait to be with each other. Someone that doesn't look so much into what they are doing as much as who they are doing it with, with the right person anything can be fun, even doing nothing at all. Someone who likes to cuddle, hold hands when walking, not afraid to show affection in public and is not shy about her sexuality.I am ready to love and be loved

Meet single man from Alberta, Canada. I am a very communicable man. I would love a woman who at least responds towards resolution. A woman that takes care of herself is so important. I have many hobbies but would love to share them and my partners as well. I am a Very eclectic person. I could be satisfied with a woman that really committed and liked a little cuddling.
I have a lot of things that I do but am not a zealot about them. I have many friends but do not live for them, at all. i am an extrovert, but have moments when a good book or show would do.
Love a great party, within limits. Love party games as an icebreaker.
Hope I am a good lover.

Date a man from Alberta, Canada. I am an old fashioned man , respectful and dont waste peoples time.I am looking to meeet someone who is open honest and sincere as i am . I enjoy the quiet side of life not a big party person or drinker.

Meet people from Alberta, Canada. I am at the age where I know what I want and do not and am looking for something permanent.
Not afraid to take a risk - make an investment.
As devoted as I am to my professional life, I strive to keep a balance and take time for other activities and pursuits.
I am fun loving, serious when I have to be, reliable, have an off the wall sense of humour and am both caring and confident. I enjoy learning about new things and enhancing what I already know. I love to read.
I do not waste a lot of time worrying about what others think of me. It's none of my business. I am very direct and not especially "Politically Correct." Telling it the way it is is the only way to go.
In the last analysis, I am a very simple person.
I seek someone experienced in life who knows what she wants. Someone who is kind, honest, sexy, confident, reliable and knows how to make her man feel loved. Someone who is willing to invest the time required to make a relationship last.
I am not afraid to reciprocate fully. Communicate, and carry my end of the load.
And I am not afraid to make you a priority vs a convenience.
Humility is hugely attractive to me. Hugely. Quiet, peaceful confidence. Drama-free. Zero agenda, hidden or overt. I loathe "takers."
I enjoy long walks, long drives, simple pleasures, and long, romantic dinners with a spirited, enlightened woman. I love to cook and to eat - healthy. Though fairly simple and conservative in my thinking, I have an edge that only SHE gets to see. More on this later. Once I know you.
I will not show up on your doorstep with a U Haul on the second date.
Camping? I would rather swallow a mouthful of live Wasps.

Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. Who am I and what am I looking for. There's a series of books looking to be written.
Short version; I'm a guy. I'm Libra. I've been any where from the guy your mom warned you about to the guy that your Dad says this ones a keeper. I am far from perfect, and continue the fight of being in balance.
I am an innovative designer, photographer, inventor, business owner. I'm normally kind, gentle, and as fare as fare can be. I believe family is the brick and mortar of life and purpose. The proper upbringing of children is the means of a better future for all. That is what I believe.
Other than that, here's me in a nut shell.
Some of the things I very much enjoy are;
- listening to great music while we're cooking supper together. (Clapton, BB, Chapman, Taskovski etc.)
- photography, I used to be a commercial photographer and now I just do it for pleasure.
- driving my jeep with the doors and top off on a nice day with the stereo blasting. Oh yeah, there's something about a girl that drives a jeep too..
- anything to do with being in love with you ..... (I tried holding it back, but it just blurted out)
- designing and inventing things that solve problems. (it's a gift)
- dreaming, planning, all around making things better for us and ours.....
- teasing you, kissing you, chasing you/being chased by you, laying with you cloud watching...
The beauty of us is we make each other want to be a better person everyday with out making each other feel like we ever need to be.
I'm not looking for the perfect women..... I'm looking for the perfect match. I have friends that are a lot like me and I seem to have the most fun with them. Birds of a feather type thing I guess.
Women meet a man thinking she can change him in to a better person. Men meat a women hoping she will never change. Please keep this in mind while looking for your future gentleman caller.
Loves, and hugs..

Meet a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. I am an active, fun guy who enjoys the outdoors in all seasons. I am looking for a woman with whom I can share activities, friends and perspectives and develop a lasting relationship. I have been told I have numerous good traits such as humour, compassion, honesty and loyalty. Modesty prevents me going further though.
Do you like walking hand in hand by the river, hiking to the peak and sharing the amazing views, enjoying that lasting hug at the end of a busy day? Perhaps helping each other prepare gastronomic delights over a glass of wine before planning our kayaking trip to the Broken Islands?
Are you a woman who enjoys the treats that life has to offer, who is kind, has a good sense of humour and a playful side. Someone active who likes to get outside but also be comfortable watching a movie, reading or relaxing.
Sound good? lets chat and see if we have that deeper connection

Date someone special from Canada. Hi and Welcome
I'm looking for a compatible partner that wants to enjoy good times together.
I'm healthy, always been in good shape. Never smoked and never will. I'm active like to keep busy with home and work. I can cook and clean, enjoy things well kept.
Been a Single Dad for the past 9 years, the kids have all moved out. They are each doing very well. I'm living in my 4 Bdrm 2 Story house with just my dog.
I like to surround myself with good people. I go Country Dancing each week. Ride my motorcycle when the weather is warm enough. I like to gather with family and friends for all occasions
I have traveled to many nice places and plan on doing much more. Love the Sun, Sand and Water.
I'm a kind hearted, confident and humorous man, that enjoys the company of a trusting and loving woman.
If I have sparked any interest just say Hello and I will take it from there.
Yours Truly

Meet single man from Canada. I still have but one wish: "To find and know true love" I know she is out there in search of the same. Together we can watch the sun set and the sun rise.
"My pictures are current". I am active and stay fit (or try to).
As you read my profile, I have one sincere request, please respond or reply with a simple yes I would like to chat or no I am not interested to messages I have sent. I am an adult and can accept rejection. The unknown is painful. Thank you. :) I will do the same in return.
First, I am a gentleman and will always be. I am young at heart and try to live my life to the fullest. I am a good father to 4 wonderful children, aged 5 and 8, 23 and 25. I am a fun loving, happy, easy go lucky type, glass half full person, filled with smiles, love, happiness, passion and romance in search of my Princess, my Soulmate, to share in all lifes joys and mysteries.
I believe there has to be a physical, emotional and mental connection in a relationship from and to each other.
I love to smile, laugh, sing and dance (just hate doing this alone). Did I tell you the one about........
I am easy going and do not let a lot get to me. I love my work, and a bonus, I get paid quite well for doing what I love. I love my children, they truly are a treasure. They keep me young, running, playing and wrestling, and on and on (yes sometimes worn out).
I am a people person, love my friends. I am not into the bar scene, or spending night after night out with the boys. I enjoy going out as a couple, visit with friends, a movie or nice dinner. I am more of a home body, light a candle, open a bottle of wine, music playing low, fire burning softly and talk, cuddled up together kind a guy or watch a movie any kind is fine with me.
I love romance, passion, tender kisses and soft touches. I am not afraid to get dirty, build a house, or fix anything within, quite handy that way.
I love to travel, either by ground with the trailer, or off by air. Weekends away, the mountains, or just camping and hiking. I love to explore new places, I am a history buff and love to see all I can of the old. I love to pan for gold, ever tried this, quite fun, allow me to show you. Snorkling in the ocean, laying in the sand, Corona anyone??? Love the outdoors (only been chased a couple times by bears). Do you know how to catch a bear? Ask me, I will share the secret.
I am an ambitious man, eager to learn and try new things. I love to be active, yet sometimes just lounge around. I believe in honesty, and open communication.
I am not your typical male. I am very committed, devotion is important to me. I will be there always for her, in what ever she will ask, need or want.
I also must tell, writing here is not easy, as all of us have had to do. I am very open and honest, but better at open communication, one to one, than writing about myself here. Besides, one will never truly know what anyone is like by a few pictures and some words written down.
My son told me a joke the other night he said he made up. Why did the chicken cross the play ground?
To get to the other slide :-) Not bad for 8.
I would request that you ask any question of me, I will truthfully answer in return.
As an Ice Breaker I will leave you with this riddle, I look forward to hearing your answer: If it takes 6 men 6 minutes to cut down 6 trees. How long will it take 13 men to cut down 13 trees?
As I noted above, a few sentences and some pictures can not reveal what a person is like or who they truly are. The meeting of two in person will lead to the road ahead, the path to follow. The deep look into each others eyes, the touching of hands will show if a spark is created between each, or if only a good friendship will be, there needs to be that connection. Either will be a treasure to keep. I look forward to hearing from you. :)

Date a man from Canada. Looking for someone that is easy going and enjoys having fun either relaxing watching a movie or hiking up a mountian. Want to travel with someone that loves to explore the world and is comfortable staying at a 5 star hotel or a mud hut. Am easy going that enjoys being with people that care about individuals and want to help others. I play lots of sports but truly enjoy cycling and skiing.

Meet people from Canada. I have four girls all young adults so I have an idea what makes them tick (no expert though). I enjoy camping in the mountains for an extended weekend and a few weeks on the beach in the south Okanagan. I have lived on a acreage for most of my adult life and enjoy the lifestyle.
I completely enjoy the reaction I receive from my special lady when I do something small but unexpected for her.
Common interests will complement the emotional, physical and spiritual connection. She will be fit enough to do the things we will be doing together. A person who has balance between work, friends, family and our relationship.
A good enough teacher to show me how to make her favorite dinner so I can suprise her when she least expects it.
If you think we might be a fit let me know. Life really is too short to waste.

Date men and women from Canada. I am a very hard working and goal oriented person who believes in working hard and playing hard(balance is the key)
I am looking for someone to have fun with.I am very easy going but extremely loyal and I do what I say and say what I do. I do not like to play games, life is too short for that.
I may be a hopeless romantic who believes that falling in love is by chance, staying in love takes work and falling out of love is by choice.I imagine spending quality time making memories with a partner who loves me for me and is a compliment to me . I am not clingy but do love to cuddle,massage,tickle and touch my partner,when appropriate. Communication can make or break a relationship so you must be open and honest always. I also love to make the opposite sex laugh, I am told I am very good at it.
Socially, I am very easy going, I love to golf,I do yoga,love to cook(really) and go to the movies etc.I also am wanting to constantly be learning to expand my mind and interests.As for my status of being separated,just to be clear my marriage is OVER .I am moving on in a confident,positive and optimistic way,which is who I am. I could be your knight in shining karma. If you want to send me an email use the word "karma" as the subject line. That way I know you read my profile and are not just chasing a pretty face.LOL

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Im 6 ft about 210 lbs, clean shaven, green eyes. Easy going, generous, honest and hard working. Looking for a woman that likes to take care of herself and has similar interests. Someone who enjoys lond walks in the rain or a nice outdoor fire.

. i would like to find a younger lady who found herself with too many kids and the oldman ran off to find someone younger and cuter and more free time to do what he wanted cause thats what some men do i missed out on all that and feel if i dont ask i will miss out forever its a big world and thereis all kinds and for those of you who read this and know of such person help them out by hooking us up i am in good physical health and can play ball and teach little ones to swim and get along in life with whatever they need a soft gentle heart and a willingness to find something better in life i like to keep things simple ive been to rehab ive been to choices ive read a lot of self help books im doing well financially stable have a place of my own a garage in the back yard class 1 drivers dont like to be gone from home long landscaping my yard is my biggest pasttime a lot of trees and shrubs wish soon to go ocean fishing native girls most welcome if there is a minimum of alchhol abuse though we could work through it if you are willing to recognise it for what it is and get some help we all come with some baggage i dont expect to escape that at my age so please reach out and help yourself and your kids and give me a call lets get together and see where it goes i love to drive just say where ill be there to pic you up go for dinner a drink a walk in the park dancing bring the kids please let them choose where to go they will soon tell you if they want this guy around thats how kids are i think some people may not give them enough credit til then im pretty open to options i consider myself a bit of an intellect but no genios above anyone else but theres not much i wouldnt challenge building or taking apart and rebuilding thats what i spend most of my time doing building or fixing something i guess thats why so many toys a little music a little guitar some piano carpentry mechanics autobody painting but plumbing sucks for now enough about me ill wait for your call thanks

. Like to read SiFi, Science and Technology, Philosophy, Economics, History - I like to learn something new every day. I believe in individual rights and responsibilities, the sovreinty of the individual and limited government. I believe that, while it is ok to be fun loving and be into having fun, adults should not behave like adolescents. A man should act like a Man and a woman should act like a Woman.

. Good sense of Humour. Must Love Dogs, my Dogs are everything to me. I am looking for someone down to earth and likes to smile and see the positive of a situation. I do not expect perfection as it does not exist and I will look in the mirror if I feel the need to critique others. My only show stopper is NO DRUGS or ACOHOL ABUSE. I lived with this and it tore me apart trying to fix the problem and I can never go through that again.