Date men and women from Canada / Alberta, 52 year old

Date single man from Alberta, Canada. i've been told i'm a very nice person, handsome and caring. i used to be into body building so i'm still fairly big. i'm an ex-smoker, don't do drugs, like to drink once in awhile, love to share a bottle of wine with someone specail. very romantic. i would love to find somebody who's honest, attractive and believes in the same things as me. lets meet for coffee or a drink and see where it goes from there

Meet people from Alberta, Canada. i never really gave it much thought..I'm new to town and was looking for a lady to keep company with and do things with. Short drive around the city or a good movie would be nice. Even just sit and chat.

Date someone special from Alberta, Canada. I am a very active person who enjoys outdoor activities from golf to hiking to bbq and more. Enjoy a glass of wine with music while preparing a special dinner with that someone special. I enjoy working with students who want to improve in the game of basketball. Golfing is very big for me and have visions of playing the game in some far away locations.

Meet a soulmate from Alberta, Canada. I have a job that gives me ten weeks a year holiday and I will use all of it. Love my family and friends. I love working in my comunity. I have many old friends and look forward to new ones.
I work for youth programs / Wildlife groups.

Date men and women from Alberta, Canada. Just divorced after 30 years of marriage.
Moved to Edmonton from Calgary one year ago, so I don't know too many people or places to go here.
Hello and my name is Peter so you can call me Peter, Pete, or Petey , I've been called worse lol
People say that I'm the type of person that everyone calls for help and I will give someone the shirt off my back if it would help someone as well as a trustworthy person.
I am a believer that everything happens for a season, may it be good or bad, it helps build our lives..
I think that friendship is a great place to start any relationship
I like camping and getting away every now and then and it would be nice to have someone along to share the great outdoors and to experience the wonderful things this world has to offer.

I work nights so getting out is hard sometimes, i usually have weekends off and i try to make time for friends and family whenever i can.
Right now i would just like to go out with someone to dinner, dancing, movies, a play or whatever. Make a suggestion and i'll be more than likely to say yes no matter what it is.
A date to me would start with dinner in a cozy candle lit restaurant, a good movie like a romantic comedy, and dancing to modern music afterwards, and taking a cab everywhere if any drinking is envolved..
i really enjoy sitting in front of a fire , be it outdoors or a cozy fireplace with soft music playing in the back ground. - guess you can call me a bit old fashioned and a romantic at heart.
I should mention that yes, i do dishes, laundry, floors, cook and, you guessed it, i also do windows and toilets!!!!! lol
I am also into renovations and cars, i know, typical male stuff........
Please feel free to message me and i will get back to you as soon as i can.

Meet a man from Alberta, Canada. I'm a pretty good guy for the most part. I've got 2 great adult children who live in the city. I like to go to live jams in establishments in the city, as I play bass guitar, and enjoy sitting in playing somes blues or rock. I also like to exercise at bootcamps and classes at the YMCA. I've been told I have a pretty good sense of humour. I'm looking for someone who is happy, honest and sweet, and who may also have their own interests, as my interests may not be for everyone. However, if our interests are mutual, all the better.

Date single man from Canada. Hve sailed almost around the world built a school for a little community in a third world country also a cafteria and helped build a church many other little things as we visited different places and grew to love the quiet thing that was a part o their everydAy lives.

Meet people from Canada. I will update this in the near future but for now it seems that people say I'm a really nice guy I don't know if thats good or bad, I like to make jokes and make people laugh. I want to save all the stray animals in the world but thats a bit of a lofty goal.

Date someone special from Canada. I am an easy going gentleman, living in SW Edmonton. I am attractive, I have short brown hair, and blue eyes, and I weigh about 175 pounds. I have integrity, I am very honest, I am ambitious, I am very reliable, I enjoy laughing and comedy shows. I am a great listener and enjoy conversation. If you like chivalry, surprises, and romance, I would be more than happy to provide those experiences for you. I have much to offer the right lady. I have worked very hard in my life, and family is very important to me, my boys are adults, so my lady will be in the number one position. I am an animal lover, if I go fishing it is catch and release (hopefully you will not fall out of the boat laughing at me), and I would never hunt.
I am very grateful for my health, as well as my abilities to build, as I have no formal training. I am very good with my hands. I am the strong, quiet kind of gentleman. I do enjoy adventure, and trying new things.
I like a lady who is proud of her femininity, and who is very loyal to her man. Being affectionate is very important. She should be giving so that reciprocation is natural. I value communication, and she should be willing to talk of any subject matter, so that we both know where we stand on matters. I will have to admit, I am really bad at mind reading. Haha. She should also be healthy and she should look after herself.
I would appreciate a lady that likes to be with her man, and who is willing to experience new adventures. I enjoy the outdoors, the lake, the mountains, camping, the fire pit, golf, tennis, cycling, walking with dog, entertaining family and friends, music, dancing, cooking (especially with someone), gardening, home renovations, picnics, country drives, weekend getaways, travel, and wood working. I am willing to try new activities, so do not be shy to suggest anything. I am almost divorced, so please do not let the "separated" status scare you away. Things should be finalized by fall.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I love watching old movies like Key Largo. Bogie is a favorite.I'd like to meet someone who could enjoy cuddling in front of the fireplace on cold winter nights my friends would say I'm the type who would do anything for them and they'd return the favour

Date men and women from Canada. Hobbies: Bike Riding, Science Fiction and learning to play the Fiddle
Goals & Aspirations: Really? ok,I want to be President when I grow up ...
Uniqueness: Does the third eye count?
Music: Ska ( I'm not English or Black, well I am kind of English ), Punk ( like the boots ) and New Wave ( are the the Pixies New Wave or Punkish )
I forgot, not good to take to "who done it" movies as I like figuring out who was the killer, bad guy, who the girl is going to end up with at the end of the movie, 5 minutes into it and spend the next hour and a half telling everybody. I figured out 5 minutes into the Sixth Sense the Bruce Willis was dead and pissed off everyone else for the rest of the movie
I keep on remembering stuff to add, I'm the only man in Canada that doesn't like organized sports, No Hockey, No Baseball, No Basketball. No Football. Like Skiing, Swimming, Fishing and Hunting if it means shooting trees, rocks, bottles and the odd sign ( but only if it deserves it )

Meet a man from Canada. My female friends call me a keeper, of course they are all in relationships. I would like to have a relationship of my own to brag about. I don't lie or cheat and expect the same in return. At times I am bitchy and grumpy but we all have our bad days. I do my best not to bring that home. I like to smile, laugh and enjoy my days while at work dealing with customers I deliver to. I would like to meet a lady who is easy going and doesn't take life to seriously. A soft kiss from the one you love just melts the day the cares of the day away. It makes coming home a moment to look forward to.

. I am an easy going person, I love to laugh, I like to help people, I am an honest and caring guy. I like to Cook and entertain and Ilike to just relax on the deck on a nice warm sunny day. I am looking for someone that likes to talk, go out, travel to the mountains or someweher exotic, dance, maybe go for a walk in the park, hold hands and not be afraid to kiss in public. I am just a guy looking for someone to grow together, be happy and fall in love. I would like to find someone that feels the same way as I do. Lets chat and see where it takes us or lets do a coffee and chat there its always nicer to be chatting over a nice cup of coffee or tea :)

. If you are the kind of person who regularly says things like, "That sounds like fun." or "Let's try that." or "Hey! Let's go!" or "Here's an idea we should talk about." then I might just be your guy.
When I am with someone special I love to be spontaneous, fun, active, and on the lookout for the stuff that we can share. Maybe it's a day in the mountains, maybe a ride, a hike or a walk, or it could be swinging something at a ball, or maybe (and hopefully often) it's just a really good laugh. Those are the moments that we live for. We both want to be anti-boring!
The things in life that are most important to me are pretty simple. I love being around intelligent folks who are down to earth, like to keep moving (physically and intellectually), are open to new ideas, places, cultures, are honest with themselves, (because if you're honest with yourself the rest follows) can see the romance in life, have a few dreams (that might even be considered wacky) but they are brave enough to talk about them, and are passionate about the people who are closest to them.
I live and work in the mountains and that life brings some of its own least I think they are qualities. I am not pretentious or stuffy. I am honest, caring and passionate. There are simple things that mean more to me than all of my material things. Summer or winter there is always a place to go, things to see or do, and events to be a part of. Sometimes it's just in one quick view. Other days it's chasing the rainbow or finding the best snow. Maybe we spent the day outside, or maybe it was a day of good meals, great company and a movie. I love to travel the world and have seen a lot of it for both business and pleasure...but holy cow, I am always, always happy to see the mountains of home.
The very best days are the ones where you have had some fun, done something you really liked and shared it all with someone you care about.

. I am very proud of my sonsand am an outgoing person .I have my own opinions and respect others opinions.I am intolerant of intolerance.Im looking for someone to do things with as i have been alone long enough