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Date people from Ontario, Canada. I'm easy-going, well-educated, athletic, and fun-loving.
I love the outdoors, road trips, and being spontaneous.
I want to meet someone that has a spark for life and adventure.
Right now I'm enjoying the social and competitive nature of my work and chosen career. I'd like to meet someone that I can be myself with and enjoy the simple things.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am looking for my Mr. Right who have the same value of life, can get well along and share my rest life with..hope we won't have culture difference so i prefer Asian background..
Good luck to all of us!

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm looking for a man who knows how to treat a lady. He must be honest, caring, reliable and intelligent, and a cat-lover (I have 2), among other essentials. He must also be good looking(at least what I view as attractive)and tall (preferably at least 5'10). I would like to feel like I've been swept off my feet and to feel a spark, a connection that makes me weak in the knees and gives me butterflies in my stomach.
I am open, honest, caring, reliable and 100% committed to the person I am with. I can also be stubborn at times and I am very independent. When I first meet someone, I tend to be somewhat reserved, however I open up fairly quickly. Anything else you want to know, please ask.

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. Fun loving downtown girl looking to meet new people outside my own circle of friends. I keep busy with a career that I love and spending time with friends checking out all the great things the city has to offer. Love to try new restaurants, go to concerts and on occasion leave town for a vacation! I love traveling and it would be great to have a new travel partner! Ideally I'm looking for a man who is intelligent, funny and handsome - but what girl isn't? :)

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I live in Indonesia (I know busy city) but I don't mind country life, I'm caring, loving, honest and love being around friend and family & value my family, I also love cooking and cleaning. I am looking some who will enjoy my cooking, my affection, I don't have kid but I love kid the rest we could discuss later. I am looking for a man who love traveling, caring, honest and enjoy life, could that be you?

Meet people from Canada. Although I turned 19 some time ago, I still get carded at the LCBO… and when I show up at meetings, clients often ask “who are you?” thinking that I’m a teenager that showed up at the wrong place for their summer job!
A little about me - I’m easy-going, friendly and like to have fun. I enjoy spending time with friends, whether its getting drinks, or seeing a movie, or checking out a new restaurant. I like to explore, whether its travelling to a new place, or checking out local sights. I like working out and hit the gym often, and I like to try, though not always sucessfully, new activities - emphasis on “trying”! And if you’re looking for me, chances are that I am at the basketball courts…. at the ACC, watching a raptors game! Coffee and music are what keep me going – starbucks is usually my coffee destination of choice, except during roll up the rim season – because really who doesn't like winning free stuff?!
About you – I am looking for someone that is easy-going, thoughtful, and has a sense of humour.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Im a very freindly person ,hornest and very lovely
,i like meeting new people and reading books .i like helping people in need of help .im a very good person .i like enjoy my self very much .i love my self very much.

Meet a woman from Canada. mmm, am a jolly person, am hoping to attract a man who has self respect. my closest friends describe me as a person who calls a spade a spade, a person who does not hold gruches and i believe in resolving issues immediately, i hate gossiping and i laugh out loudly when am chilling with friends and passing some jokes. in a relationship i need love, trust and friendship

Date men and women from Canada. I'm lucky enough to have great friends and a great job in a city that I love. Now I'm looking for someone to share all of this good fortune with...
A few small things that might give you an idea of who I am:
I throw a great dinner party and make really good desserts.
I am an extremely loyal friend.
I like nerdy things - random articles about whale migration patterns, documentaries, movie trivia...
I have a soft spot for really corny jokes.
I am truly bad at parallel parking.
I have a challenging job that I really love, and I'm told I am good at.
I cry during any remotely sad movie and get really scared during any remotely scary movie.
My grandmother is very important to me, and I try to visit her in Europe every year.
I believe in giving gifts for no reason.
I am not a picky eater, and am willing to try anything once. Trying new restaurants makes me really happy.
I love getting out of the city...and therefore am extra nice to my friends who have a cottage :)
I'm looking for a guy who is smart, affectionate and will make me laugh. Someone who is independent and has their own thing going on, but who thinks making time for each other is important. If this sounds like you, let me know!

Meet someone special from Canada. I' m an outgoing, positive and cheerful person. I don't sweat the small stuff and have a good outlook and overall perspective on life. I like to surround myself with people who have a similar attitude to mine. I enjoy a variety of activities but also love to relax with a good bottle of wine and good company.

. to enjoy each other and have an honest and trustworthy relationship be able to talk all the time about anything and experience new things together he would have to be able toget along with my children and like to be around them as well

. So I am trying a new way to meet someone :). Whether the match results in friendship or relationship, it will be fun! When it comes to dating, I am old fashioned. I appreciate it when a guy is chivelrous and opens doors for me because he will most likely have the qualities I am looking for like kindness and honesty. Those qualities resonate with who I am and how I choose to live my life. I am a fun loving gal who likes to live life to the fullest. I believe in fate and while I am happy with my life currently it would be nice to share the special moments with a great guy... like the spearmint gum commercial, double the fun :)

. I am a chinese girl looking for a serious relationship here. My Mr. Right is the type that
has similiar life values, tolerance and patience, and can talk through things.
Besides all these, I would not put too many restraints on the whole thing, the top three would be the most important to me as a foundation and hopefully things would grow from there.
And of course I'd give them all the things in return.
Hope you are the one!

. Please contact me directly yslsui y-a-h-o-o. I cannot read or respond your messages.
I am an Explorer/Negotiator. If you have read Helen Fisher's "Why Him, Why Her", you know what I am talking.
I have many traits of an Explorer: fun-loving, playful, spontanous, impulsive, witty, creative, artistic, optimistic; like to try novel things, like varieties. As such, I find myself can hit it off with other Explorers who is funny and smart, sense of humor, optimistic and love to laugh.
On the other hand, as a Negotiator, I am sensitive and compassionate; thus, I am very attacted to calm and kind-hearted men. Unfortunately, the man I met with these traits are not attacted to an Explorer. And that's why I am still here in the market.
Therefore, I am looking for a Negotiator/Explorer.

. Soo.. what to say about me..
I'm a professional in finance, can have some long hours but a big believer in work-life balance. My quieter pursuits are movies, music, reading and playstation (not a serious "gamer" but love to spend a few hours blasting monsters when I feel the urge to let off some steam).
When I'm not being so sedate, I'm into martial arts (recently got my black belt - proudest sporting achievement since primary school!), yoga, tennis (pretty rusty), golf (erratically), and snowboarding (slash scraping down the mountain - sorry to all those skiiers who were enjoying the fresh powder). I love the outdoors and travelling.
My general attitude to life is that we're only here for a short time so make the most of it. The things I look for the most in someone is a sense of humour (warning: mine can be pretty dry sometimes) and a positive outlook on life. If we can make each other laugh, I think we are definitely off to a great start.