Date men from Canada / Ontario / Brockville, 32 year old

Date someone special from Brockville, Canada. I am an outgoing extrovert who enjoys sports and family. I am happy and know where I am going in my life and am looking for someone who is as driven in their life as I am. I am not out for games and hope that you are not as well.

Meet single man from Brockville, Canada. My closest friends would probably describe me as funny, a party animal, and always looking for a good time.
My friends and family usually make me smile, I always smile when my friends or family tell me something about me that isn't true or something that is true but not something good about me.
My accomplishment that I am most proud of is probably me doing the same profession as my father, we are both dentists and I am really proud to be one.
I am grateful for having great friends, healthy family and my amazing pets.
I am hoping to attract I nice girl not too old, and not too young not too tall but I don't want to date a "Snooki", I want her to be skinny, fit, a girl that works out a lot and has a good job. I don't want to date a girl who works at McDonald's, needs to be a high class women.
My social life I think is great, I love everything about my life accept for my crazy ex's. I am a very outgoing person with a good personality.
I am looking for a friend to laugh with, a nice sex buddy and a partner that I could she myself having kids with. I am really hoping to find the right one.