Date men from Canada / Ontario / Etobicoke, 32 year old

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. looking for someone interested in an adventure, and getting to know each other in a respectable manner before getting intimate. Im God conscious and respect faith and culture. Interested in long term, but dont mind starting off short term.
I appreciate the simple things in life. Im interested in a woman that knows the value of Romance and at the same time is mindful and conservative

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. Well a little bit about me, I'm 32 live alone and work 6 days a week,
doesnt leave a whole lot of time to get out there and meet people so
i figured ide try my chances on here. What im looking for ultimately
is a long term relationship but i dont expect to find it overnight
either. My time outside of work is generally spent hanging out with
a few friends or relaxing to a movie or another leaf loss.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm a happy-go-lucky, fairly laid back kinda guy. I'm hard working, reliable and dependable.
I really try to find the good in people no matter the situation. I believe in just being nice to everyone...there's no time in my life to get uptight.
I love to cook and play host. I really enjoy being around people...especially my close friends/family.
Things that make me smile dog, friends, bbqing, finishing a project, watching my leafs win(which isn't as often as i'd, cottage country, the list can go on...oh and seeing a great smile back at me.
I'm most proud of finally realizing that I need to work for myself. I recently started my own company and the possibilities are endless. I've never felt so confident with any (work related) decision i've made before.
I'm grateful for my health, friends/family, sunny days and all the beautiful things that life has to offer.
I'm looking for my partner n' crime. I'm hoping to find someone with similar values to my own. Someone who believes in being a good person, who treats others fairly and most importantly...someone that is honest and caring.
I believe that honesty and trust is massive in any successful relationship and if you don't have'll never work.
I'm hoping to find someone that is ready to let the guard down, have fun and really enjoy life with a guy like me.
I'm pretty social...well i'm not afraid to go out and mingle/party. I'm not crazy about downtown clubbing...kinda past that stage. I'm more about hosting or going over to friends places. I don't know...I guess as long as you're with the people that you love and have the most fun with...that's all that matters.
I'm not really sure what else to say...other than...
I'm very excited to meet somebody that I can have a blast with all of the time!

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. I'm going to be honest,..
not exactly sure how to go about an online people search..I mean I get the concept but it's a totally different scene...above that I've heard that its loaded with people looking for fast hookups, whom are too busy to date, or hiding something.....
Although I don't beleive that to be true for everyone i also want to
Don't beleive casual dating is healthy long term...besides isn't getting to know one person moreso quality over quantity..and I think that's probably the most intimate thing people can share....thoughts, memories, ideas....
But wait, wait...
I still beleive in sex appeal and physical attraction...there's nothing wrong with that, especially if you consider beauty as relative...just that nothing's sexier than devotion and being close to someone you can actually consider your life partner...I've learned that friends can be great, family is integral, and life is full of thrills, spills, and spells....but nothing encompasses it all but that one person you know has your back, and at heart is there for you's a mystical concept...
I have to be honest still, if you are too busy to date, pen pals may seem fantastic to you but im sorry that I can't offer you in return what you want...and perhaps you should reannalyze why you've spent money on a dating site..on the other, if you have some crazy past, forget it, what's done is gone, and though I beleive it's our given right and better instinct to judge I also beleive in good people...though perhaps that's relative happen in life, what's past is past...we all learn non?
But enough pontificating,
I want you to be interested in me, if your ooking for me the options at the top right of ur be happy to hear from never know where it goes...
Went to university for culture but my field is business, its in my blood.
At place in my life where I want to make a number of big things happen..
Have comb. /moral, savy, sensitivity, and strengths
Family oriented,simple pleasures, health active, love food in all forms and create...also aquaria and outdoors...
You should be you, girly or not, this or that....if its about connecting not disconnecting over trivialities which is more about self love and self aggrandizement than finding someone....
-there's a lot you like about someone and a lot you learn to like about someone..
...but some fundamental things i'm attracted to are sincerity and sweetness, the little things and effort you put in,
..morals, availability, energy.
Things I've learned:
-a good relationship has good communication,
-i appreciate the romantic type of person,
-I am not willing to date someone who is overly sarcastic or angry inside..
-I beleive in Trust but equal to Respect, both ways..
-Cooed friends are just, I have tones of girls who like my company too, might even want to "get to know you" lets be real here, thats disrespectful and non conducive to a family atmosphere.
.......Besides, there's nothing more magical than dating your best friend..afterall isn't that what we aim for in a relationship...that best friend? So if you already have a great guy(s) in your life give him a might be pleasantly just won't work with me :)

Date someone special from Canada. Im looking for a girl with excellent Ebay feedback :) Let me begin by saying I'm very happy in my life. It would be nice to find someone to share these great times with. The little things in life make me happy. I have seen and experienced many things in my life (more then the average person) and it has made me into who I am today. I used to be very wild growing up, but with age I grew more conservative with the things I do and the outlook I have. To describe my personality I would first like to say that I can make anyone laugh. Lets just say I have my material and when I get going I will leave a smile your face. I consider myself educated and I am constantly updating myself with knowledge. I like to bring a strong presence in social settings, so I am constantly learning and discussing events around us. I'm European so I enjoy my cafes and patios. My favorite spot in Toronto is Yorkville. I like watching and playing every sport, so if your into something most likely I will be too. I enjoy watching movies from time to time and I have always had a fascination to learn to write a script for some reason. I recently developed my own app for the Apple store Im constantly thinking up business ideas. I always wanted to be on the show Dragons Den. I went to school for business.
Whats my type? I don't really have a type. Also I'm not gonna put a list of stipulations on here because I don't think thats right. I mainly go out to meet women, but I also send some messages on here. Thank you for taking the time in reading my profile.

Meet a man from Canada. I am about creating great memories with my favorite people, and exploring all the adventures life has to offer.
I've been told I make really good eye contact, and have a relaxed personality that makes people feel comfortable around me.
I know I might look like the typical Asian guy who likes to stay in on a Friday night, and drink bubble tea while I solve math problems. But I only do that about once a month. All jokes aside, I embrace all the excitement and fun life has to offer...wanna join me?
I'm looking for someone with a good heart and a warm smile. And I want someone who is comfortable being need to wear high heel shoes that hurt your feet, all that isn't necessary, I want to appreciate you for who you truly are.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Easy going, relaxed, and I don't sweat the small stuff. I'm a hard worker, I like animals, love movies, like hanging out and watching TV. I'm very social and is not afraid to go out and have a good time. I'm the kind of guy you can take out, and don't need to babysit because I'm very friendly and like meeting new people.
I like playing sports and am a huge football fan. I have a very positive attitude towards life in general and try to stay away from the negative. I like staying in just as much as going out for a night on the town.
I'm looking for a girl that I can just hang out with and has the shares the same passions that I do.

Meet single man from Canada. I dont know how to start, so I will start at the beginning. I was born in Singapore, and have been fortunate to travel the world ever since. I have had the pleasure of either living in or visiting every continent on the planet except for Australia and the Antarctic (which are both on my to do list). So if your wondering where I call home, I suppose the only intelligent answer is the planet earth. My dad is a Veterinarian of the wildlife kind. So if your wondering if I like pets, I thoroughly do, be it a cat or a cheetah (and yes we had cheetah cubs as pets for a was truly heart breaking when my dad took them away from me)
I am candid and open, pretty much a wysiwyg (and for those less geeky than myself, this means "what you see is what you get")
I love playing sports, though between my ambitions and daily routine I hardly have time to play sports anymore, but the gym is a weekly must. I love the outdoors, as you can imagine living in Africa, the cliche "its a jungle out there" has a completely new meaning.
My life has had its ups and downs as most, I started off doing my first degree in an area that I later realized I hated with a passion, and have since rectified the situation pursuing something more a kin to my true passion (Civil Engineering).
I love to dance, and have been involved in choreography and such, but for the most part I love just to go out and have fun with friends.
I am very adventurous, and love to try new things. I love to watch movies, not much of a TV guy, however there are a few shows I do watch, and being the geek that I am, they mostly fall under sci-fi. I am a man of simple tastes, but I do love to indulge myself at times, but for the most part simple and sweet would suffice to characterize it all.
For the most part I would consider myself sarcastically funny, i suppose, but i will let you be the judge of that if you are so inclined to find out.
What I am looking for? Well I suppose the usual - someone whose down to earth, sweet, compassionate, enjoys trying new things (hence adventurous) and has a passion for life.
So thats that, I have blathered on long enough, and if you have had the patience and therefore the inclination to read all this, drop me a line and I can tell you even more ;) Talk to you soon.

Date someone special from Etobicoke, Canada. I love giving alms to the needy, am also hard working and sports loving guy. I believe matters of love is matters of the heart for that matter matters of love should be taken serious. I hate disappointment and lying tongs. I want a lady who is thirty one years and above. I am mostly happy when i accomplish uneasy business. I would be grateful if my partner is a also business minded.

Meet a man from Etobicoke, Canada. am a simple man that appreciates life and makes people smile. I appreciate the smaller things in life but sometimes I like to go big.
Love people and their energy. I feed off of the environment I'm in, chilled or club.
Progressive House, Dubstep, Techno House, Minimal House, Old school Rap, and then some is what sometimes keeps me in line when I need to spend some energy.
Shall we continue? ..................

Date a soulmate from Etobicoke, Canada. Hi i'm looking to meet a good honest woman, with some simular ineterestes. I have a good job and like to work out and walk my dog. I am five ten, and am medium build. I live in Brampton and am from Trindad.

Meet single man from Etobicoke, Canada. There are many things that i am passionate about, Music is a very big part of my life, I play the drums. I love the out doors and going up to the cotttage. I like to windsurf and play golf and I down hill ski as well. I enjoy hanging out with friends and going to see some live music. The rest you will have to find out.

. Im very athletic and take a lot of pride in my appearance. However I do enjoy tshirt flip flops and sitting on a patio having drinks. I work out daily, ride a bike at work all year round, and love to have a good time. I have an unreal job that I don't mind going to every day. I own my own condo, car and one day a cottage.

. I’m a 6’1” 32 year old with both feet on the grown.
I enjoy being active and participate in a number of sports.
I'm willing to try anything once!
I'm looking for that special someone that makes the world slow down and makes nothing else matter when we are together.

. Hi Everyone. I just moved to the city a few months ago and looking to meet the right person. I enjoy a variety of interests from seeing the city, relaxing on a patio in the summer, to watching a movie. Cheers!