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Date someone special from Etobicoke, Canada. Enjoy life, easy going individual, respectful, trustworthy, fear god. A good listener not judgemental. I need some that I will love and appreciation and that will see thesame value in me. Someone that I and her will take our time to understand herself lf, and respect our daily different opinions regarding some issues, someone we can disagrees to agree.

Meet a man from Etobicoke, Canada. ATP is the energy currency of every cell. This energy is used to fuel countless processes in the human body, including muscle contractions. When CP donates its phosphate to form ATP, it??s done rapidly to supply immediate energy during periods of intense exercise, like weightlifting. In other words, creatine increases strength because more creatine equals more CP in the muscle and, in turn, more ATP available for muscle contractions. Therefore, you have more energy at the end of a set, allowing you to perform more reps or lift a heavier weight.

Date single man from Etobicoke, Canada. i describe my self as a normal guy who live like simple life. i hoping that i may find someone who's willing to accept me who i am u feel me. i am a honest person u know i hate liars and all the people who dont respect others. especially the old one's. cause for me we need to respect everything that we do.

Meet a soulmate from Etobicoke, Canada. Hello thanks for taking the time to read this, I'm currently making a new description but for now here's a synopsis of me:
Purpose for being here: Looking for some one who can eventually become more than just a friend
Who am I:
Personality: I have a great sense of humour, silly at times, loyal to friends and loved ones, I’m not much of a talker around groups but I can hold a great one on one really getting to know each other types of conversations
Body type: I’m not going to put myself down because I don’ t look like Brad Pitt, I have an average body type but I look and feel great about myself
Interests: Sports, playing my guitar, writing, working out, watching movies, hanging out, cooking, travelling
Looking for a lady with:
Personality: loves to laugh and has a great sense of humour even an odd one, someone who is loyal, able to have a great conversation but is also able to be quiet and enjoy the silence with some one special
Body type: it’s not how you look that makes you gorgeous and sexy, it’s how you feel about yourself that makes you beautiful. If you can believe that then there’s the beautiful girl I’m looking for.
Interests: Pretty much the same as what I wrote above but not limited to it
You and me together: we’ll just have to find out now won’t we…
Well that’s it for now, if you’re interested don’t hesitate to take the initiative and email me, if not then thanks for reading and I hope you find what you’re looking for

Date people from Etobicoke, Canada. I'm a walking contradiction when it comes to a lot of things. I will literally travel for three days on a bus to spend two days in the amazon, but I won't walk three blocks for a loaf of bread. Early moring is my favourite time of the day, but you have to splash a glass of water in my face to get me up out of bed. I will step in the ring, jump from a plane and climb the higest mountain...I have all the confidence in the world, but ask to me to approach a beautiful woman and suddenly I`m no longer myself. I don't know if that last example is actually a contradiction, but you get the point.
Personally, I consider myself pretty laid back and tend to take things in life as they come. This doesn't mean that I'm not driven, I just don't sweat the small stuff. I'm not much for status hungry people. I'm not concerned with lables, lineups or comparisons. I believe in just doing your own thing for your own sake and treating others as best you can along the way. Life is too short not to make yourself and those around you happy.
Enough about me...
You - Kind, active, inquisitive, funny and spontaneous. You don't have to have all the answers, the perfect job, or know exactly what you want out of life, you just have to open minded and moving towards something.
If you like cold beer and Hawaii even better.

Meet men and women from Etobicoke, Canada. Im looking to find my sole mate and maybe some friends to network with and have fun. Im into people who dont have problem reasoning with out their own ego and false self pride. I like to suround myself with good hearted intelligent people who have goals of their own that they are working on. It is a sense of motivation and energy for me and i hope to reciprecate. I like to do fun things with my time even if i go out of comfort zone and try some new. Im mostly jus an easy going layed back type of person. I dont like to judge or put any one down in life ,i try understand and deal with things as they come. I dont know what esle to say about myself except that i know myself and im cool with that!!!!

Date someone special from Canada. I like to keep busy and have fun.
I'm social and active. I'm like to meet new people and try new things. I'm also easy going and like to chillax.
I'm a golf enthusiast so free lessons for one and all.
I have a great sense of humor and will make you laugh.
I'm half Ukraniain and half Dutch, so half of me wants to get drunk and the other half doesn't want to pay for it ;)
When I'm not busy helping old ladies across the street or feeding the homeless I like to leap over tall buildings in a single bound ;)
5 years from now I see myself living in a large condo downtown or in the Puruvian Andes. (at high altitude) Its a coin flip right now.
I like both cats and dogs. Cats for their calm demeanors and easy going attitudes. Dogs for their high maintenance and destroyed furniture.
I wouldn't be afraid to show my feminine side. (if I had one)
Finally, on a more serious note... “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”
In addition, I have our first date planned.
No doubt, a lot of us here claim their ideal first date is a simple get together for drinks or coffee. They’re lying. Here’s what I’m looking for: First, we take my private jet (Gulfstream G550 –- G650 is just pretentious) to Paris, pronounced �Pah-ree’. On arrival, we wander the streets, having our personal assistants rummage the flea markets while keeping the general public from touching our palanquin. We would follow this with a simple dinner of deviled Faberge eggs and caviar-stuffed black rhino on the Champs-Elisees, which would have been cleared of mimes and other riff raff. Carla Bruni, Tintin and other French celebrities would serenade us while Gerard Depardieu served as a kind of lumpy table.
Next — and I acknowledge it begins to get somewhat less realistic at this point -- we hop on Falcor, the luckdragon from the Never Ending Story to take us to our next destination: the future. There, we dance away a balmy evening in Greenland, sup on the very last fish on Earth and laugh at the antics of the army of mananimals. Finally, we go for a nightcap with the Pope and maybe – just maybe – share a first kiss.
That, or we could go for beers somewhere. Either or.

Meet a man from Canada. Hey all I'm on there hoping to find Mrs. Right I enjoy camping,fishing,hiking,boating but also hanging out home watching flicks all day under a blanket ..
I'm a hard worker and most I work long hours but I enjoy every minute of my job and I hope you do also.

Date single man from Canada. I'm a decent, kind, romantic and hard working man. I have two jobs and like both of them. I have my own home and a car, all done paid for. I like telling jokes to make people laugh. I live alone and have to do every thing for my self, so i don't have time to play games with any one.

Meet people from Canada. I am a very lovelable and bubbly person. I am always there for my family and friends and the community. I love spending time outside but when the kids are in bed I love to cuddle up on the couch and just read a book or watch an old classic movie. I also play cards on the weekends and board games with my friends and love enteraining and having dinner parties. I am passionate about life. I am always on go outside doing anything from playing sports, love the water and having play time at the park with my kids. I am looking for someone that wants to settle one day but I want to take things slow and really get to know the person.

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. Well... I thought I'd give a try, let's see how it goes.
I'm looking for a kind and genuine man who's honest and respectful and has a great personality. I consider myself easy going, independant, serious when it's needed and also playful.
I love the outdoors and once the weather gets nice you'll catch me out on my mountian bike taking up the trails. I also enjoy beach volleyball, camping and cottaging.
I'm a mother of a beautiful 3 year old. I have so much heart and loyalty to give. I value my friendships and I believe it's important to be honest and open minded. Not to worry I do have free time on weekends as well as times during the week :)
I also value time because there's not much of it left in the day. So if you are up for some socializing, getting outdoors, enjoying walks in the park, please feel free to write me. I'd love to hear from you.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I enjoy the country and cottage life as well as the city lifestyle... want my man to 'enjoy the life' with me... looking for my best friend and true lover... a man that will be my rock and tell me everyday that he loves me "no matter what"

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Healthcare professional, cultured, fun, outgoing, spiritual, well travelled woman looking for a normal guy who happens to be taller than her 5'8 hieght. I also love the movies. If u meet the criteria, msg me.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. This is so akward...of course I'm going to tell you that I'm cute and sweet and love hockey...Here it goes: I'm pretty laid back when not working and would prefer not to be around a passive-aggressive Type- A kinda guy. I love to laugh as much as I can and would like to find my partner in crime so we can tear up this town...does that sound ok?? Not looking for my male twin as that would be weird but being the adaptable gal that I am I'm not worried if you don't like all the same things I do. Life is too short to get hung up on trivial things.

Date people from Ontario, Canada. actually I still have no idea about myself. The only thing i Know well about me is that I can never hurt people.I believe if i can not do good to anyone atleast i should not do any band to anyone. If i can not say good words to someone , I should not say bad words either. I believe in God n soul.