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Date single man from Ontario, Canada. Not really sure what to write here, just looking to meet someone I could get along with and see where it could go from there. I'm an easy going person who's very happy with life just need that right person. There's lots more but we could talk about that later.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. i'm an open minded person all i'm really looking for is a woman with a good sence of humour. i love to laugh and joke around. I enjoy quiet evenings at home watching movies. I also enjoy going out to movies, comedy clubs, and im also willing to try new things.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I’m 32 yrs old, from a portuguese background looking for a down to earth honest, faithful woman who loves life and wants something serious in a relationship.
Looking for someone who is equally passionate about life, love, family, work, or whatever they enjoy. Some of my interests include spending time with my 2 children, attend live concerts, sporting events, traveling, camping, music, cooking, art, photography, the list goes on. I truly believe that romance is still possible and that there are women who genuinely appreciate the in between moments.
Who I am looking for:
A Woman with a good heart. I find women who have a strong sense of themselves to be very attractive. Confidence and independence are traits that I respect very much. Someone who is assured of herself and doesn’t need a guy to complete her, but rather just to make her life that much more enjoyable. Somebody who likes to joke around, as the best relationships are full of laughter. If you do a lot of smiling then we will get along well! I see success as having a job/career you enjoy, being happy with your life, and wanting to share that joy with another person.
I have never been on this site but figured I would give it a try. I am the typical nice guy. I have a loving heart and mind, and if you want an intelligent, faithful, honest man then here I am.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. I am a very active person. I like doing just about everything. I'm sporty (volleyball, baseball, soccer, tennis, skiing), love the outdoors (camping, biking, rollerblading), enjoy staying in (movies, video games, board games), and like a bit of culture (concerts, musicals, theatre). In addition to organizing a lot of events (tournaments, partys), i also like to volunteer my time (coaching baseball, volleyball, skiing). I enjoy having a full schedule and when I do have down time, usually try to fill it with something to do but do enjoy a quiet night once in a while. I am willing to try anything once (well...almost anything, but like to push my limits).
I am a very social person and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. I am a very happy and upbeat person and try to enjoy my life as much as possible.
I am looking for someone that enjoys life as much as I do. As much as I would like to meet someone that likes everything I do, I also believe that having some different interests helps both people to expand their horizons. I would also like the person I meet to enjoy trying different things. At least some interest in sports is preferred but not mandatory.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Date single man from Canada. I'm tired of meeting the same type of people and I'm looking to expand my horizons.
I have a stable career with the Federal Gov. that I enjoy tremendously. I am interested in meeting women that I wouldn't normally meet in my day to day life.
I love music and movies and sports, and of course hanging out with friends and enjoying life.
I would prefer to go have drinks with friends on a patio and discuss a documentary than go to a club. I enjoy throwing the football around in the park and having intellectual discussions.
FYI my account is currently inactive and cant receive emails.

Meet someone special from Canada. I am an out going very positive guy. Always have a smile on my face. Looking for someone who is as happy as I am and enjoy life to fullest. Try new things and be spontaneous. I like to go out drink and meet new people.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Just joined so I haven't had time yet to craft a profile message that's full of wit, insight, and charm ... but here are a few words to give some sense of what I'm about.
Ambitious, but not at the expense of personal goals or relationships. Adventure seeking, intellectual, philosophical, humble. Family oriented and somewhat traditional, but open minded and liberal. Genuinely empathetic and compassionate, humanity never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Outgoing and sociable, but shy at heart. Most importantly, I believe that cereal is suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or at any point in between.
If you have a good heart and you share my love of cereal it would be great to hear from you ;)

Meet a man from Canada. my closest friend descibe me as a honbble person good looking and a nice guy.what make me smile is if i am with a nice woman. i am lookig for a God fearing woman that have the fear of God not a harllot,to be the mother of my children

. Im fun ,i like a good time ,im not judgemental,im open minded,good food,wine and laughter.Im well traveled,im educated,i play guitar ,im a chef,i like to dance,im athletic.I have a good sense of humour, but at times sick .I do my best to do the right thing.I work hard i play hard.

. Random Ramblings about myself
1) My grandma can do more damage to me with but a whisper than any dude with a baseball bat
2) There wasn't many Chinese kids living in the area where I grew up, so from time to time, a kid would ask me to show some of my Kung Fu moves. As if EVERY Chinese person new martial arts or something.
3) I'm a competitive alpha male
4) I had a car fall on my arm once when I was changing a flat tire. (I still have that arm surprisingly)
5) I have a love/hate relationship with 90% of my work clients. LOVE that they bring me business HATE that some of them are idiots!
6) I can polish off an entire bag of Ruffles in one sitting.
7) fleece is a vile material. Me no likey.
8) I believe I'm 25, but my body tells me otherwise
9) I work out to eat, thus I have to work out REAL hard to keep up.
10) Words of wisdom "Keep calm people, and KILL people in your mind!"

. I am not very good in talking about myself,a conversation over a cup of coffee could tell you a lot about and individual, I feel it's a more natural way in introducing yourself.
I would like to meet someone that shares similar values, humble and nice.

. Enthusiastic professional, responsible person and computer literate. Proven leadership abilities in working as a team, handling multiple tasks, great adaptability to any enterprise's environment. Looking to obtain a challenging position offering growth in international organizations in Food and Beverage area with the philosophy of customers support and complete satisfaction.
Personal profile Samples 3 :
As an international worker, I have been able to adapt quickly and efficiently to my working environment. My exceptional interpersonal skills have enabled me to integrate with my colleagues and customers and develop valuable friendships. Positive and keen to succeed, I pick up skills quickly and apply them successfully, through both the use of initiative and the ability to comprehend instructions. I am an effective communicator who will inspire confidence in any employer.
Personal profile Samples 5 :
Able to work efficiently and carefully ,hard worker and organized, responsible and honest friendly and cheerful, disposition, hospitality and excellent service spirit.
Personal profile Samples 6 :
Self motivated when I succeed, persuasive, convincing, nice treatment, fluidness conversational, proactive, and excellent with open public relationship, expert in computational experience skills.
I am hard working and very determined. I enjoy keeping myself busy and put extra effort in my tasks. I enjoy working with other and able to work unsupervised. I have excellent communication skills and telephone techniques. I am reliable, I strive to always keep a positive attitude and have the ability to learn quickly.

. I'm not sure if online datting works, but lets try it,
My personal life is private to my professional life, my family and my friends. know that I will always be there for them. I'm the first one in the bunch to help. I'm so supportive and I know that sometimes its not good.
I'm adventurous, daring but not stupid. Skydiving, Bungy Jumping, rock climbing and Snowboarding are great ways for me to clear my head.
As far back as I can remember I've always been creative, a storyteller, a designer, a director, great with my hands, if I can dream it up, I can build it.
I love to travel,really I love to travel, sometimes to a place which can feel the heat of the soft snads under my feet when I'm walking on the beach, and sometimes to the blue mountain for snowboarding and feeling the coldness, lol. contradiction of feelings.
I just finished my master of engineering and got a great job and now I'm looking for the one who can share my happiness with.
I'm a honest guy who is looking for his soul mate. I'm not a player and don't like to waste my time or even yours,and just looking for serious relationship
So that's a little about me and I guess its enough for beginning, I'll let you know more if you would like

. I will try to make you laugh atleast once a day.
I will hold you when things are bad.
I will respect your wishes whatever they may be. But there will be exceptions. One of them is if someone hurts you. All bets are off.
I may not be tall dark and all that but what I am is real. I am a guy that is 5'7" in that area that is not into watching sports, not into cars/trucks. Not into going to the gym cause...I like the way I look. I not the strongest or the smartest and that is ok. What I am is a guy that
So if you are looking for someone that will love you, respect you and hell fight for you if need be
I like to cook, bake and build furiture. I have no tatoos or piercings, no cimial record, I don't smoke anything. I like to have my quite time.
I don't like liers, players/wanna be players.
What I am looking for is some that is HONEST, CONFIDENT,SMART and someone that I am phyically attracked to. Like someone that is athletic, slender, has curves. If she is taller than me I'm ok with that or if she has tatoos/piercings. I am open to all of that.
Now I would like to say for the record "I am sorry" but no big girls. We all have are prefereces and big girls just are not for me.
Lets be clear now I don't have a problem with big girls being that most of my female friends are big girls. And ladies you have preferences too DO NOT lie.
This is a little about me and what I want. If you want to know more feel free to ask and I will try to answer the questions best I can.
Give me a shout if I am your type. Go one do it send me a message.

. Hi,
I am easy going, hard-working and helpful.
My hobbies are hanging out with friends, traveling, going to the gym and watching/playing sports, mainly basketball and soccer. Also, I like to read about current events and business news.
My goals are to experience new and different things, travel everywhere and look for a lady, who is cool/confident, smart and has a great sense of humour.
I love listening to house/electronic music as well as retro and some hip hop music.