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Date a man from Toronto, Canada. i hope to attach with very honest girls because i believe that honesty is the best policy in our life.i also always behave with dignity and honesty as much as i can.But i know very well,there is no person in the world who is perfect in everythings.

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. Take a few moments and get to know me better..
I have dark hair, blue eyes and stand 6 feet tall.
I have an amazing family I'm close with and a circle of friends that are sarcastic and funny. I'm a healthy guy with a thirst for knowledge. I've hung-out and made friends with people from every walk of life. While traveling and studying, I've partied and made friends with interesting people from different parts of the world. Born in Canada but I hold a dual citizenship with a European passport. Overall I'm a versatile guy that can blend in wherever.. I can walk around in a tank top and flip flops or get dressed up.
I'm funny, fun, athletic, sarcastic and never afraid to dish it out. I am very open minded. I'm motivated to succeed on anything I set my mind to and always ready for my next adventure.
I've learned that being with the right person is essential. I'm leaving no stone unturned so why not include the internet. Through meeting many women in my lifetime I've experienced that, many of whom are very good-looking, unfortunately end up being shallow, materialistic and flaky. I'm looking for someone who in my mind is gorgeous on the outside and has beauty on the inside.
When there is a woman in your life that energizes you, intrigues you and brings the best out of you, the experience is amazing to share your health, your dreams and your future.
I'm looking for a situation where you can be yourself, no pressure, no expectations. Just us being ourselves having fun. If I find a woman who is not average, I would be interested to see where that could lead. If something happens then it's meant to be and if you don't work for me, you can never have too many friends. It's best to let nature take its course..
There must be something you like here if you've continued to this point. Fire off an email and don't just window shop.
I'm looking for a girl who is athletic, healthy, attractive, intelligent, laid back, funny, ambitious, respects culture and should always have respect with honesty.
I have a lot on my plate so I apologize if I don't access this site or reply.

Date single man from Toronto, Canada. Hi, my name is Stephen and I am a simple person. I love my life what I do. And most important that I love my family and people around me.
Life is simple as what you want to be. Fight hard for what you want. Care the most for the people who deserved your love. Give and share the best of you to your friends. Make them happy, make them smile(lol. That sounds easy but very hard to do everyday, if you understand what I mean). At least that how I feel.
God designed a real man differently. Stronger to carry more. Smarter to think though. Tougher to take more strikes. Can take the Responsibility of himself and others. So the rest of the world can worry less and enjoy more. To be a real man need years of learning and hard working but it's worth it in the end.
And to be a completed person that needs an other important element - a good life partner, who has a good heart that not just about herself. Who is smart, fun, enjoy the real life. Who understands you, care about you and willing to be there and share her life with you no matter is up hill or down hill. And I am looking for this person now and hope you are the one.
I enjoy hard working which I believed is the foundation of my future family and proving to be a real person. But as the same time that I love to enjoy my life. I like workout, running, biking, badminton, swimming... Pretty much anything can make my heart races to 200 km/hr lol. I enjoy my calm days as will, reading a great book, music, movie, walk around the city and try to explore the new places. Or even just spend some time with friends, share the past and future.
I hope you are the one that want to come in to my life, try to know me, love to share with me and willing to walk though life with me. Lol of course thats step by step and i wish we can walk though that finish line together with big smiles and each of them is just a new starting point of better life! And I want to be there and hold your hands to the end.

Meet someone special from Toronto, Canada. Hi, a few things about myself. I am an extremely motivated person, who cares about the people close to me more than anything and I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world for having amazing friends and a 'job' that I consider more of a hobby than anything else.
I'm a big soccer fan, although I don't get to watch/play as much as I want to.
Working out a lot, I find it to be an amazing stress reliever from my every day life with the added bonus of keeping in shape.
Traveling all over the world, so far I have only managed to visit Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania.
Also, I'm pretty good at being silly and not acting my age around people I am comfortable with.


Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. How is 4,000 characters short? This is my first time on this site, so I really have no expectations. It would be nice to *not* receive 10-20 spam messages from people in Costa Rica every day.
Anyways, about me; I own my own business, (with a friend) and therefore have all kinds of time to do the things that I really enjoy such as traveling, cooking, boxing/working out and hanging out on patios, and in lounges with friends.

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. I have somewhat of an offbeat sense of humor...I can usually make light of most disastrous situations (it's helped me keep my sanity on the occasions when the world seems to go to hell).
I'm probably the world's worst integrity is my most valued possession....the only thing that I totally control and can't be affected by anyone or anything else.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am looking for a Woman who likes to talk, to dance, go out, hang out and those that can be my partner! Also I am someone who likes to travel and I admire and respect different cultures. I am a polite and respectfull man, however I can be naughty when I am supposed to be! ;P

Date a man from Canada. I like to have fun. I like making you laugh and treating you the way you deserve. I'm a bit of a romantic and can't wait to start this adventure with you. Family and friends are very important to me and I value the relationships I have with them...message me to find out more.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Grateful about my family, friends and my talents. I believe on happiness and I always try to make people happy. Anyway, I consider myself as a unique person willing to experience new things and locations.

Date single man from Canada. This self-described nerd who is actually a whole lot of fun is simply looking for that one dynamic woman with whom to expand his amazing collection of life experiences. After all, life just tastes better when shared! I hate to indulge in all of the excitement by myself!
My friends would say that the first thing people notice about me are my eyes and my smile. If that’s truly the case, then I hope that my eyes say, “Hello” and my smile says, “Sit down and stay for a while.” I am definitely friendly and approachable and like to make others feel right at home when they are with me.
Far from a couch potato, I appreciate an active lifestyle, from playing soccer to rock climbing to exploring new places. I am not difficult to please in this regard and am always looking for something new and entertaining to do. Your suggestions are welcome!
In matters of the heart, my primary areas of expertise include honesty, faithfulness and loyalty. I am a one-woman kind of guy who is genuine, steadfast, and down-to-earth. Driven and ambitious professionally, I am just as tenacious when it comes to pursuing matters in my personal life. It’s definitely a balance, but one worth establishing.
I am also highly affectionate. You will never have to second guess my feelings for you. It’s all a part of my overall charm. You’ll get used to it! Of course, I am not immune to the loving reciprocation of such affections, either.
What I admire in a woman physically is one who is fit, toned, and in shape. Like me, she enjoys an active lifestyle and likes to get up, get out, and get going! She takes care of herself both inside and out and it shows.
She is confident and self- assured, yet refreshingly void of ego and arrogance. She is one for whom kindness and compassion for others are instincts. She lives with an open mind, a loving heart, a giving soul, and a respectful nature.
Bonus points go to the gal who enjoys a loving relationship with her family. I’m Greek. We know no other way!

Meet someone special from Canada. I was told to keep it simple because in the words of my friend, "Nobody likes hearing you complain".
To her I said, "screw you lady, it's not my fault nobody *gets* me".
And then she was like "pfft, there is nothing to *get*, you're just a regular guy, so *get* over yourself"
And I was like "See! You just don't *GET* it, I'm different,I'm not bound by these stupid socially constructed perversions of what our life will be, that keep women and the poor down, FIGHT THE LAW!"
And as she stared at me blankly, she went "Have you completely lost your mind?!?"
To which I responded "Have I lost mind? You're the one thats lost your mind. The whole world has lost its mind! If anything I'm the only one that sees the light!".
"I think you've been staring at it too long" she joked.
"Hey I'd rather go blind staring at the light, instead of having my eyes closed my whole life."
"Will you just shut up and keep it simple?"
"Have you ever wondered why they only tell stupid people to keep it simple? Never! I will never keep it simple because life isn't simple, and if it is, then it's stupid"
"Oh my god go away"
ALL of the above is correct about my personality, one is what I am and the other is what I want to be (I'll let you guess which one is which). If you get it, then come get me. :)
Should be confident, funny, lustful (yes, I require that even from my friends :P ) , easy going, and down to earth. Hopefully you live downtown. Because I like spontaneous patio drinks and all of my friends don't live downtown, and it's getting harder and harder trying to drag them out last minute when I feel like a beer. They're also all getting married and become super lame.
I also wouldn't mind someone to go exercising with, such as running or working out in the park.
You should think I'm still manly eating a salad while you eat a steak. I don't want to die at age 55 because of socially constructed gender stereotypes (and yes, I know that's hypocritical since I smoke, but I'm working on that... eating salads is easier than quitting smoking).
More about me (since I have the space and you're still reading)-
Most of my time is usually filled with going out with drinks with friends, I take kung fu for exercise (no gym, it's not as fun and seems like monotonous work), the occasional movie nights, and just doing day to day things. Oh I also like to play guitar (but who doesn't? Amiright?), although sadly I'm not as good as I should be for 15 yrs of practice.
I should also tell you that I don't have a cell phone. Ya, ya, I'm a Luddite. But I'm a punctual one as a result, and will remember your number off by heart.

. A fairly witty guy, the first thing you’ll notice about me is my English accent. That’s because I’m originally form London, moved here about six years ago, and enjoy everything my adoptive city has to offer. The only ingredient I lack is a special woman with similar interests to spend time and have fun with. If that becomes something more serious down the road I’m open! With a stable career, friends and family I care about, and a wide variety of interests, life is good and I’m in a good place right now. I’m looking for that woman that can challenge my wit and put a smile on my face at the same time! Laid back with a “go for it” spirit of adventure, she’s ready to explore, discover and experience all that life has to offer. I’m a caring and generous man when it comes to the woman special in my life, and would find a woman who gives as much as she receives very attractive. I appreciate kindness and manners, but a woman who has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take herself too seriously might be the best friend I can’t see myself without!
If I’ve just described you, you’re probably the woman I’ve been looking for, but I won’t know you’re interested until I hear from you. Send me an e-mail so we can share some stories and let’s see where this thing takes us. The future is beginning right now! I’ll keep an eye on my in-box and hope to hear from you soon.

. I am always up for an adventure and enjoy maintaining an active and balanced lifestyle.
I'm am also a big foodie and love travelling(so many places I want to visit)….England, Spain, and Italy is next on my list
Working downtown allows me to try out new places to eat and hang out with my friends/coworkers…..I love it especially in the summers during patio season.
I'm looking for someone who has a great head on her shoulders, easy to talk to, knows what she wants, likes to travel, and open in trying new things.
I think communication is very important in any relationship and a sense of humour is pretty important too.
Feel free to leave a message:)

. I like to spend my free time both doing fun activities outside or laying low on a rainy day and watching a movie. I'm not generally a dare devil but if something new and exciting comes up, I usually jump to give it a chance. I"m caring, genuine and kind hearted. Family and friends are extremely important to me. I'm open minded, up for anything and I love animals. I"m looking to meet someone who has a good head on her shoulders, likes to get out of the house, is intelligent, funny (but not solely at the expense of others), has a good group of friends, and is humble/lacks entitlement.
I’m positive, kind, generous, fun, and am very thankful for everything I have--- I’m also working hard to make my future even better! I come from a big family and I miss them a lot so I’m looking for someone who is also family-oriented and understands how important they are; I want to have a big family of my own someday! I would like to meet people who are mature, honest, confident, sweet, genuine and have a good sense of humour--- I LOVE to laugh, and I would love to make you laugh…
I'm also a bit of a foodie and like exploring new restaurants or trying to cook a new dish. If it sounds like we'd get along then drop me a line!