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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. how to describe me..... caring, loving, friendly, and out going... just a few things i guess!! im a out door person camping, bike rides, playing sports or going to watch them!! i have 3 wonderful boys that do keep me busy, but im looking for that special someone that will sweep me off my feet!

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. To begin with, I absolutely love my life. I am a very optimistic person and have a positive outlook :)
My friends and family are very important to me. I also value that quality in a partner. I have accomplished many different life experiences. I have lived in California, Vancouver and Toronto and worked in three different fields including property management, teaching and opticianry. I have a few career goals at the moment that will satisfy my passion for making a difference in childrenРІР‚в„ўs lives.
I enjoy going to concerts. My favourite music is rock/alternative, indie and house. I also enjoy watching/playing sports, spending time outdoors, reading and the odd reality show. I'm a very hard worker but have balance in my life with family and friends.
What qualities do I feel are important in a guy? I would like someone who is family oriented and knows how to make me laugh. When it comes to dating, I am pretty traditional. I appreciate a guy treating me like a lady and making the first phone call. I want someone who is respectful of me as well as others. This person should also be confident in himself and willing to try anything new!
A perfect date would be going to any sporting event or dinner and drinks with great conversation. If this is what you're looking for then it will be a great match!

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for, but I'll know when I find it.
I get along well with most people, though I rarely find someone that I connect really highly with right off the bat.
I have a great group of friends that I am very close to and they are all marrying off and settling down, and I would like to eventually join them I guess.

Meet someone special from Canada. Hi! Thanks for stopping by :-)
I'm an easy going yet hard working gal. I enjoy my career, and continue to work towards my goals. I spend my free time hanging out with friends and family, working out, trying new healthy but yummy recipes, watching re-runs of the office(so funny!), listening to music, taking random road trips and travelling. I'm always up for an adventure!
I'm looking for a relationship, but ultimately, I'm looking for my best friend :-) Someone I can be silly with, share stories with, cook with, travel with, and just have fun with!
If your lifestyle and intentions are similar, and you can handle the occasional night of watching the office with me lol, I'd like to hear from you :-)

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am an easygoing lady, and have learned the hard way that old school dance-offs are the best way to severely sprain your ankle. I love to laugh, and try my hardest not to take life so seriously...most of the time anyway..haha. Like most people I'm here because my work schedule doesn't allow me to meet too many new people, and frankly, as I've gotten older, my social circle has decreased. I've heard of some great success stories, and thought why not? So here I am...
I love to cook, whether it be for myself, or for friends...good food is an experience that no one should ever be without :) For fun I enjoy pretty much everything, I'm sure a lot of people say this, but there really isn't too much I don't enjoy. I love to experience culture through art, museums, performances; I enjoy sitting in a good pub listening to live music or sharing conversation; I do like activities however, playing pool, mini golf, bowling, summer sports are all high on my list for entertainment. Yet there is something to be said about relaxing with a good book, or lounging in front of the TV to escape's all about the company.
My only regret in life is that I haven't travelled much, something I hope to change in the future. I had an unforgettable experience in the south of France a few summers back, which definitely ignited the "travel bug" within me. I would definitely need to brush up on my French though :)
I'm looking for someone who has a passion for life; a career you love is a bonus, but as long as you have goals and dreams, then you're okay by me ;) I'm not really into the club scene, so I'd prefer someone who isn't as well. I'm looking for someone who is understanding, trusting, can communicate, someone who is funny, kind, and family oriented, someone who isn't always so serious, and can remain positive during tough times. If you love red wine and Guinness, and great food we could be a match :)
I have a great family, and hold my friendships dear to my heart. Although I believe in working hard to accomplish my goals, I definitely take time out to enjoy the simple things in life, and believe that along with great company, good wine and good food can make any situation turn out to be absolutely delightful!

Meet a woman from Canada. Easy going and fun-loving is how most of my friends would describe me. I work hard to be able to play hard and enjoy the fruits of my labour. My friends and family are super important to me. I believe honesty is the best policy, and trust is super important as well.
Looking for someone who can make me laugh and someone I can have fun with....even if we are just laughing at our own jokes. Someone who is secure with where they are at in their life and confident in who they are. Manners are good too....throw in a sarcastic sense of humour for bonus points :)

. I am a very down to earth person who loves friends, family and the little things in life. I have established a very stable life for myself and my 2 boys. Now I am looking for that someone who is caring, outgoing, and looking to spend time getting to know eachother. I am hoping this person has a great personality, sense of humour, is very social, loves family and is established himself. I am a very social person and like to live life to the fullest! You only live once!

. Here we are. Me and the box. Counting down my characters pressure. Lets make it simple, I am a woman who enjoys being next to a smart, amibtious and witty man who is successful at the things he goes for, who is still among that breed of true gentlemen and has a lot of life experience. I am passionate about my family, and my work. I love to travel but at the same time, I absolutely love to open a bottle of wine and just stay in with that special someone....
I laugh a lot, and love to dance. My ideal partner can loosen the tie at the end of the day, and be a little bit silly with me. He keeps me somewhat grounded, and I pull him up to cloud 9. I like the perfect balance....

. Hi there, I consider myself to be honest, caring, thoughtful, independent woman. Happy on her own and is looking for a serious relationship. I'd like to meet a guy to whom I feel connected to. He is grounded, mature, responsible, but also fun to be with.

. I am seeking for a serious relationship that would lead to something serious.
I am caring,honest,serious,loving woman with a good heart and I am ready to settle down now with a serious Man who is marriage minded

. About me- Im easy going, love to laugh, is willing to try anything new but need a little push... I enjoy all sorts of activities including snorkeling salsa, watching broadway musicals, walking around cities, exploring or just curling up with a good read.
My week pretty much revolves around my work, with early evenings booked for the gym, an outdoor brisk walk, or dance classes. I am starting a photography class soon so I can actually get decent pictures when I travel.
I take every vacation opportunity to meticulously plan my travel itinerary only to get to my destination ditch the plan and go with the flow.
Im well grounded, thanks to a loving family and pretty optimistic about life.
I dont have a long drawn out list of what I am looking for in my perfect match...but just someone who has a complimenting personality, someone who is can laugh and gets the big picture.

. The glass is always full. I enjoy adventure, exploring and a good glass of red wine. I am looking for someone who has chivalry and we can learn from each other.
Attraction Compatibility Friendship. We need to be able to laugh and have fun together and if we can have an adult conversation when it matter, we have the upper hand :)

. I am looking to find my best friend that becomes more. Have fun with laugh be silly with. Be adventurous and laugh at myself when I try something new and I fall on my funny! Laugh with me or at me It is quality of life thing! I am looking to make a connection and have something more to add in to my life a person to share my life with a friend and lover to be the first person I run to with good or bad news no judgement, encouraging, comforting, to count on
( and they can count on me) Someone to share things with. But amazing is not perfection Timing is everything!
I like to travel experience new places and things. I" m a foody! I love sports.
I am hoping to find a person with similar interests with whom to explore new things. I'd like to meet someone who is at the time in his life when he can appreciate and enjoy (almost) everything. I'd like someone who has the time for a meaningful relationship and who is ready and willing (and realizes how great it would be) to share his life with someone else. I'd like to find a person who is kind and honest. He must have a sense of humor.I'm looking for a man to share lifes ups and downs all while maintaing a sense of humor. You to like to travel, eat a wide variety of foods and make my toes curl when you kiss me. .I like a man with a great smile...Someone I can spend some quality time with.I'm not looking for a man to complete me...just someone to compliment me...
I have no time for playing games, but I'm also not running to get married either,let's just get to know each other.I like a man who can stimulate my mind, and keep a smile on my face. Intelligence and a great smile will get me all the

. So I've come to these sites before, and have never put the effort in to finish the profiles or fill out anything... I'm trying to change that, so here it goes.
I don't know how to describe myself - I feel the life I live is the complete opposite of what I was destined to live, but I still love it. I love that I work in the fast paced and high energy industry of the film and television industry, but out on a boat I feel more myself than anywhere else. If I could run my business from a boat stationed in the middle of the St. Lawrence I think I'd be completely satisfied, until then I wrestle back and forth about where and what I am really supposed to do.
I'm a fairly social person, who needs her alone time as well. I'm extremely close to my amazing family, they are the one thing in my life I know is exactly as it should be.
I think I am pretty ambitious, but I long to be able to stop and "smell the roses" a bit more, when I do, I appreciate it more than most.
What am I looking for? Well I'm just as confused about that as I am about who I am. I guess the most important thing is that they like me for me... all my quirks and faults as well as the things I really rock at.

. I'm truly a fun loving, family oriented, kind and gentle person that loves to have fun, but knows when to get down to business.
I welcome new adventures and always keep an open mind. Life's too short and I'm a firm believer in trying new and different things at least once.
It would be nice to meet someone with great intellect, ambition, FUNNY, family oriented, adventurous, loves to travel and is established in their life, looking to some day settle down.